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Overcoming the Dream Crushing Weeds

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'Weeds' tend to creep into our day to day lives & find us with inner self-talk, negativity, thought patterns & habits that don't reflect who we want to be. Following along in the Workshop while harnessing the information in the Workbook & Lessons gives you the foundations to work through your "weeds". The entire Program is designed to guide you to: - Notice Resistance - 'See' Your Self-Talk & Thoughts - Figure Things Out about You - Discover How You Can Go Through "It" (the Weeds) - Push Past Self-Doubt - Check In with Yourself - How to Make Time to Do This - Fall in Love with What You Love Doing (Or at least seeing your growth so far) We'll look at the repeat patterns in our minds & discover how limiting beliefs hinder our ability to progress as Creative & then start fixing them through small Take-Action prompts. This Workshop is Perfect for You if you've asked yourself questions like: "What do I want to do with my life?" "Am I going in the right direction?" "What must I do first or next to grow in my Creative pursuits?" And it is especially helpful for you if you feel the bad habits, negative thoughts, self-doubts & limiting beliefs are holding you back from being your best version. >>> If any of these sound like you, then this class is perfect <<< Ask Yourself right now... "Do I Love the Journey I'm on Now or Do I Need a little help?" Come join me in the Studio with videos & helpful insights to catch the "Weeds" in time. I'm looking forward to having you here.

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