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Connect with me

& Find Your Co-Creative Joyful Life! 

Are you in love with your life yet?

Use the Workbook to create a place for your brain to unpack all the limiting beliefs & other shizzz... that might be holding you back!

The workbook guides you in these areas:

  • Knowing what you creativity wants to express

  • Recognising what is holding you back

  • Take some time to reflect

  • Open up time to stick to your plan

  • Check in with yourself

  • And reflect on your fears

🌸It's perfect for you if you aren't sure if you even have a creative path yet!


“We are the observers who must see beyond the obvious to truly innerstand what is there.”

~ Tanya J. de Wet


Hi there! I am Tanya,

the Creative Heart & Author for all things

Welcome to my Wild & Beautiful Mind!

I love combining my creative passions through feminine lines & expressive colour combinations.

The gorgeous Fabric & Wallpaper Collections are just one

aspect of my Creative Career & when I'm not creating beautiful pieces from my Sketchbook drawings, I connect

with others on their Whole Human Wellness Journeys!


"If Colour & Patterns are parts of my Passions,

then Elevated Human Hearts are my Mission!"

There's more !

As a heartfelt gift to you

 Download the Quote

"Joy is Light in Colour"

Print the Quote & enjoy

the short introduction video

to the 21-day Mindful Sketchbook Practices Program coming up in February 2023

Click each icons to find out more

Coming SOON!

-February 2023-



A 21-Day Program to connect with yourself

in Sketchbook Practices

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Self-Mastery Membership




Weekly Contents wrapped up in a beautiful membership


Creative Conscious Business Mind 




Use Your uniqueness to build a Creative Career you're going to love

Creative Careers Image-04-04-04_edited.jpg

Free Videos on YouTube




Creativity brought to you in a Playful way with Watercololurs 

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Blog Articles

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Free Contents for 

Sketchbook Practices, Mindfulness & Creativity

Pattern Stories

Romantic Farmhouse Lounge_Tanya J. de Wet.jpg

Wallpaper & Fabric with their beginnings as pattern stories

Sketchbook Retreat


Make time for yourself, find Serenity & Bliss in a short daily mini Retreat at home

Join my Group 


A Private Group for Sketchbook lovers & friends who want to be part of a creative group

My little story began many years ago, much like yours...

With creative aspirations & a desperate need for help. All I had were library books & an ever expanding search for meaning in my life. I used to ask myself: "What is the purpose of it all & why didn't I get a manual to figure out how to be a human!"


On a quest to discover what I loved doing, I learned that all of life matters. This self-realization gave me the opportunity to carve out sweet memories, moments of mindfulness, nurturing states of wellness & how to forgive deeply... 


So, here we are, Co-Creating a life worth living in!



Discover what you want to connect to

as we Journey together through our

beautiful wild minds 

to reach the pinnacle of Joy 

It is my greatest wish that you fall in love with life & become your best version

 Whole Human Wellness is your gateway to Phenomenal Growth



© Andsodesigns - Tanya J. de Wet

Photography: @BENFOHDO


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