Day 1 - Goal Discovery Day 2 - Workbook Day | Location To Be Determined

Find direction through personal goal discovery

This course is filled with creative strategies to bring forth personal, positive insights. The accompanied workbook will equip you with many masterful skills, projecting you forward into your action plan. Discover your passions and new goals with a mapped out, step by step process of goal discovery.
Find direction through personal goal discovery

Time & Location

Day 1 - Goal Discovery Day 2 - Workbook Day
Location To Be Determined

About the Event

With Therapeutic and transformational Art Life coaching and a Complete a Workbook, you are guided through a 2 Day course. 

Each section alligns you with your ideal lifestyle, goal discovery & a Workbook with innovative concepts to elevate your lifestyle closer to your ideal goals. Setting up proper goals leads to results and will improve you life-lustre. Here are improvements noted by others who have worked with these strategies:


"Tanya's creative concepts elevates your lifestyle & draws you closer to your ideal goals with a more focussed plan"

- Carol

"Several insights and guidelines has elevated my levels of success"


"For me, it helped with my future goals to cope & de-stress my life" 

- Ann


"I developed a positivity attitude towards my life by transforming negative events & thoughts into helpful strategies" 

- Adelle


"Finding direction for my future & setting better goals" 

- Conrad (hubby)

Note: Each aspect of the course can be elaborated or adapted to each individual group or demographic during workshops. As individuals or companies may require different skill levels, the capacity to expand on topics are welcomed and will be discussed apon booking

While you discover new actionable strategies to move you forward, your progress through the workbook will be the guide to keep you on track long after the workshop is completed. As you become equipped with managable techniques to carry out a new plan, your momentum is launched towards your dreams and aspirations.

Your workbook is a record of your intentions, containing all of your new skills as set out during the course. There is no other workbook like it, as I've worked through several courses by leading experts, over a couple of years to bring you the best condenced version of the contents I used to build & grow my lifestyle & business. The Directional Goals - Weekend Workshop is a compilation of the courses, research and practical application gathered to bring you the absolute best strategies and extensive tools to elevate your success.

This is my go-to quote for the Directional Goals Weekend Workshop: "Being genty held accountable by our own choices through proper goal settings, far exceeds the previous self imposed limitations we place on our thinking"

Once you internalise this quote & accept personal responsibility to build your life the way you want it, then the new avenues of proficiency start to open for you. Fading away the prior limiting thought patterns & allowing you to connect with your future. Becoming great begins with your first move. 

This is a complete and comprehensive mini retreat style event built to bring you lasting results.

Book this retreat style, workbook course for your group. Or contact me for details regarding the location you have in mind. Please remember that current restrictions are in place regarding the number of people at any given venue.  

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