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When I first read about Bonnie Christine & discovered Surface Pattern Design, the first few weeks felt like I was walking on clouds. All the beautiful images of her fabric designs mesmerised me & I fell in love right away... with colour, design & patterns!

The thing is, I've been drawing & creating Sketchbooks full of designs & had my website, ANDSODESIGNS, but didn't have any idea of how to become a Surface Pattern Designer with a successful Creative Career.


And this is where Bonnie & Surface Design Immersion came into my world 


Watch my Testimonial Video

Ever since the day I saw the image of the William Morris "Pumpernickel" design in Bonnie's Airstream Make-over, I was hooked...

I devoured every article & free lesson I could find

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What you can do in the meantime?

Bonnie has many free Skillshare Classes & it is where I started


To start moving the needle of success & start a Surface Pattern Design Career