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The place where I share a few free watercolour secrets with you

Watercolour is a true versatile medium & it takes some more practice than most mediums, but it is always worth the effort you put in. Filling pages in my Sketchbooks, is by far my most loved aspect of being an Artist. I have freedom to create freely & make mistakes while learning from every brush stroke.

A Sketchbook is your memory keeper & everything in their is who you are as an Artist with a creative mindset. Your creativity will always be overflowing with great ideas for your next skill or project when you surrender to the pages. 


Keep on creating a beautiful life

With online workshops and classes becoming the norm in our lives, the demand for face to face interaction has also become greater and that is how Art can bring us together in a creative way. Whether you are home with a coffee mug from my shop or following along with a class on video, my gratitude will spill over while I continue to create content & products for you to feast your eyes on.

Showcasing  Art, design and creativity in a class, a Sketchbook keeping promt or through a painting adventure, I still have hopes to host a few retreats this year.

Explore the various platforms & products we believe in and build your creative art life by surrounding yourself with all your favourite things, made in our unique way.

Founded in 2019, andsodesigns has come a long way from its beginnings in Perth. All our products and services were designed for you, to grow and develop a wonderful creative life.

Every now and then we'll have 'one of a kind' items to purchase, links to our new designs on products and we'll even guide you to our fabric lines and video content on YouTube.

All our digital items are permanently available and updated to give you the best we have. 

We are always up for collaborations and ready to cultivate new friendships. Who knows, we might feature your products and site on our page.

Happy Creative Art Life