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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

16 Easy Guidelines to Live Creatively & Find Happiness

Updated: Jun 26

Creativity isn't a luxury afforded to those artistic types; creativity is actually a natural system we as humans need to be happy. Why do you think happiness & creativity matters?

For most people, spending lots of time thinking about how to overcome their problems doesn't become important until their partner dies, they lose an asset or by the time they need to mend themselves after somebody breaks their heart. Let's face it, they love wasting time & suddenly want to act in a desperate manner, when out of the blue, life acts badly for them?

What is happening to you during the course of life is called creation! And as you are constantly recreating your life, creativity becomes a must!

Creativity is in Your Hands

Art is not for artists, it’s for humans to experience as part of their substance. It's something that keeps me up at night, just because I know how helpful, healing & expressive it is to have this beautiful thing called creativity.

Sometimes we talk about creativity as if it is hard to do. Did you know it's more than a simple pleasant act of playing with colours & shapes. Its as vital as the ways we heal each other with medicine or listen to songs that tell the stories of our lives. inviting you say: "Hey listen to me, I'm here listening to you!"

"If you can learn to start dialling into your own mind you'll be more likely to get unstuck & witness that part of you that holds the healing, the happiness & all the things you love about being in this world. Feeling this way is not a luxury afforded to the healed, it's a real connection to your Joy!"

Tanya J. de Wet

Okay, this isn't going to be hard... In fact, its going to be one of the easiest things you'll do this week.

So, before I give you the 16 guidelines I also wanted to make sure you have some background for some perspective. I'll share a study with you that was done in the 1960's. It was commissioned by NASA because they wanted to know how to hire more geniuses. To do so, they hired George Land, Beth Jarman & a team had to go out into the world to figure out what makes a genius.

They started with a group of children aged 3 to 5, as they embarked on a journey to decipher creativity. A group of 1,600 children were enrolled in the "Head Start Program" were they were subjected to a creativity test initially crafted for NASA recruits & gave them the creativity tests to see how they would solve a problem using their imaginations. It was found that of this group of five year olds, 98% qualified as geniuses.

Then they came back five years later when the group was 10 years old. Their problem solving skills was down to 30%. Another five years later, at 15 the very same children's genius levels were down to 12%. For a while they gave up on the idea but George Land took it further as he went out & surveyed adults with a result showing that only 2% of adults were geniuses. This decline in creativity or better known as genius traits was attributed to the left-brained schooling system. They found that 100% of the loss in creative problem solving was based on what was taught in schools.

What does this mean in a world where we need to thrive beyond our problems?

It means we need to find ways to activate our creative brains again. Think about it, if only 2% of the human population has the ability to solve their own problems, it it any wonder people are heavily medicated & zombified by quick fix dopamine hits??? You would need to take an entire population of 98% of non-creative thinkers & reprogram them to see that they were geniuses before they were dumbed-down to 2%!

George Land said that uncreative behaviour & uncreative thinking was something we learned, which now means that all of us were born to be creative!

It brings me back to this point that I've always been making about us being Co-creators of our own lives. You are the creative force that makes the creative decisions, you are the one that solves the problems in your life & finally it is you creative input into every area of your life that helps you cope with whatever comes your way. And the way I teach all kinds of creativity is through sketchbook practises that help you discover who you truly are.

So, let's take a look today At the 16 guidelines for a happy creative life where you become the driver of everything you've ever wanted. Setting your dreams in motion and having all your prayers answered is in the hands of your right brain & the creative practises you apply in your life.

Make use of the 16 guidelines shared in today's article to incorporate a selection of one's that resonate with you into your life as you embark on this creative journey to unlock all your potential. As you grow to become your best self you are not in competition with anyone else but only striving to become better than you were yesterday.

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Creativity comes in different forms. Watch a short introduction to Rewrite Your Story through a variety of creative practices.

The first guide is to not take life so seriously!

  • Take a calmer, toned-down approach to life & have fun experiencing your life to it’s fullest potential.

  • We were not built to live on stress. And if you can remind yourself that you are not building a spaceships to save everyone on this planet, you are playing along to be part of it all.

  • Part of this is for you to work on self-improvements.

  • That only happens when we do things easier with every step going forward in time - just as the moments in time where yours to choose from.

Secondly, give back to others.

  • Sharing your gifts skills & abilities helps humanity come together in beautiful ways.

  • There's nothing worse than when we withhold our precious gifts from others & refuse to show the world what magic we have within ourselves.

  • You were born for a reason. If you could think about it as being born to live out your purpose, then you need to pursue the things you love doing so that you can improve every aspect of your life while having fun & living happily.

I can really not think of anything worse than doing mundane things that do not bring me joy… are you doing what you need to do? Are you enjoying the process of discovering your greatest gifts?

“It will become easier when you begin to be yourself as soon as you can... It is that authenticity within that releases the fear of seeing yourself as anything other than greatness!” – Tanya J. de Wet

Number Three - Don't ever forget who you were, where your roots are & what made you choose to be alive today.

  • You may not know it just yet, but where you came from has nudged you to become the person in pursuit of your finding that best version of yourself. And to become more yourself means you can be satisfied on many levels of living.

  • Remember, there's only one of you… I'm talking about the core of you, the essence of who you are inside. It is that part of you that is as uniquely individual as all life here on earth.

  • Living alongside it all with all that is yours to offer while everything continues to go on around you.

Number 4 is about being fearless! I'm not suggesting that you do strange things & become an adrenaline junkie.

  • Let your dreams fly higher than ever before.

  • Don't sit on your dreams & leave it all to the daydreams of a doubtful mind… don't wait for something to happen so that you can see your dream come to life. That may never happen; rather make your dream a possibility by doing small things every single day that brings the dream to life.

Five is where we are never done exploring new opportunities.

  • Life is full of opportunities but if you're always going to do the same thing… always going to sit around waiting for someone to help you make things happen, then life will not happen to you.

  • In fact, when nothing ever happens to you, you are losing out on life’s greatest parts. Noting will move you in the right direction & your life will stay the same day in & day out.

  • All those hopes, dreams & aspirations will fall away and disappear amongst the things that keep you stuck all the time.

It reminds me of a story I heard a while & the punchline was: “We are never done creating the life we want. We need to get up every single day & build it. Every action we take stacks up & becomes a whole new part of the entire process of life. Nothing goes to waste & noting stops developing.”

The Sixth guideline is a very important one. It’s about your ambitions & being ‘hungry’ for it!

  • If there isn’t anything you are pursuing like a hungry Lion, you’ve almost given up on chasing after your dreams.

Number 7 is to not set any limits on your dreams.

  • The minute you give in to something that is too small, you’ll always end up dreaming too small. Basically what I’m saying is that you need not lead the way with drips, instead you need to open the floodgates to see the rainbows.

  • If you stay in small thinking, you will soon forget about the big dreams you've set out for yourself & start living backwards. It will drag you down, it will create more limitations & that will keep you further away from the things you’ve always wanted to achieve.

  • So, think bigger, think more & ask for it? Request it, then expect it to come to you.

Number 8 is about doing something new!

  • When was the last time you considered starting something that feels good to do? It can be something you'd like to look into, or maybe a place you’d like to be in…

  • Starting something new is more about self-mastery than you realize because it places you in a new environment where you get to love your life, your creativity & bring out the best of you.

  • That new thing is only one way to live to the fullest potential. To see yourself as the amazing person you really are.

Number Nine is about Being OPEN, not oblivious to the opportunities. Seeing them will make you feel like you have access to the necessary resources to help you.

  • Instead of wishing for more of the things you want that will help you improve your life & happiness, why not invest in

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Ten is a reminder to fail, fail, fail & keep on failing again so you can rise above all your struggles like a phoenix reaching towards new highs like never before.

  • If you didn't have any failures, there would be no stepping stone to go to the next level because you wouldn't have learned any lesson… you wouldn't have discovered what would work instead.

  • So, go ahead and make all the mistakes you can possibly make!

  • If you feel a little risk-averse, then do smaller things, take tiny risks that do not push you too far out of your comfort zone but still places you a little bit further than the thing you did before.

Number 11 is another important one. It needs to be a rule in your life…

Remind yourself where you were yesterday & how far you’ve come!

  • Why? Because it takes guts to becoming the best version of yourself.

Twelve is to never negotiate with yourself about what must be done!

  • If you give in to your own promises you won’t be able to stick to anything worthwhile.

  • Start with doing something you need to do for at least a couple of days.

  • Then, as you become better, make it more of a habit to do the things you must do.

  • And, Always KEEP Your Promises to Yourself!

Thirteen is a personal favourite - never do anything that matters later.

  • You must learn to become a now person.

  • If it happened now, it will

  • If you postponed it, it may as well be forgotten.  

Fourteen is one of those things you need to understand on a psychological level.

Whenever you are winning at life it’s best to keep your mouth shut about it because you don't need other’s negative ideas what you’ve accomplished to drag you back to that point before you made it.

  • Let people figure out how to do things without letting them ruin your plans.

  • Wait & postpone your excitement until your results speak for themselves.

Number 15 is about never expecting to receive what you’ve given.

  • You may be a great giver but not everyone has a heart of gold like you.

  • And when you give, only give as much as you are willing lose or give away anyway.

  • Give in a way that makes you happy, not more & nothing less!

Sixteen is knowing that you are in line with a natural flow & every day you wake up is a day you have to make a new choice to be better than you were yesterday & to be on your own side!

  • Remembering that what you want can only show up when you are in the flow of life.

  • One of the greatest ways to land in the flow of life is to be grateful for what you already have. It’s often difficult to see what is possible if we hold onto outdated ideas.

  • Sometimes what you're trying to get to is held in what you must let go of first.

Today I would love for you to be in the flow more often & if you feel moved to be in it as well, then the series about Gratitude we did last year in May will be of great benefit to you.

Find the playlist right here: all you need to do is watch it in your own time or follow me to our exclusive Sketchbook Journal Group Facebook Page >>> HERE


Let me know what your favourite guide is & how you are implementing it in your life to find more happiness?!

Much Love


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