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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

A Creative Connection is something we all have

No one is anything until they see their pictures in their imaginations first. Every imaginary or real life experience you want can be developed by you through a few minutes a day. Nurturing your creative faculties is like a tiny seed ready to show itself to the world.

Today, creativity is on your doorstep, knocking & waiting to enter... are you going to ignore it again?

Before I knew how to paint & draw, every subject I was interested in eluded me. I kept on thinking "why is it so darn difficult to put this image onto the paper or canvas?" I was sure there was something other creatives had, that I didn't. Bewildered & angry at art, I decided to trace the images I wanted to paint & even that was unsatisfactory! It didn't look like the drawing I wanted. It didn't feel like my work! What was I to do? What was the one thing that I had to accomplish & will surely bring me the results I wanted?

It dawned on me as I realised my affection for florals, greenery & gardening is just like this desire to draw & be creative. I wanted peace... the type of peace I felt when I was out in my garden. It came to me... just like the discovery of a seed's germination process, the slow development from the sprouting stages, through the ground breaking breakthroughs, the reaching up towards the sun while nourishing from the roots to the tips of the petals & finally rewarding you with a spectacular display of beauty, I finally understood how I had to grow & nurture this thought from a seed to a blossom by moulding my desires into what I wanted to become.

You see, self-realisation is the match you can use to light up your Sketchbook practice. No! Don't set your Sketchbook on fire! I mean, you can only figure out how much you have grown as a creative through your Sketchbook pages. Using them as a reference to see your own progress. One drawing, two drawings and by the time your first Sketchbook is filled, you will have a clearer idea of where you are heading. If you are still a little seed that needs to begin your creative journey, I want to reach out with a splash of "fertiliser" & invite you to join my beginner class for my BLOSSOMS (a pet name for everyone who finishes the Sketchbook Blossoms Workshop)

In the Sketchbook Blossoms Workshop you'll learn how to add colour to the scary blank pages, how to use simple shapes to bring a flower to life and every lesson is designed to fill in the steps you need to grow your flower drawings and the best part... to fill your very first Sketchbook. Wouldn't that be amazing? Right?

Or click on the image, it will take you to the about page

There is no magic number of times you have to draw & redraw a subject before it sinks in. And the same is true for your creativity; the more you open up the channels of creativity through continuous practice, the quicker your creative faculties develop.

Another aspect that's often overlooked ls the brains reaction to new tasks. In the beginning it doesn't want to "try" the new thing because it is too unfamiliar. The memory muscles of freestyle drawing are dormant in the vast fields of creativity... and our hand eye co-ordination was last stimulated when a loving Kindy Teacher had you string jumbo wooden beads on a strand of wool.

I know, it's been a looooong time since you've tried something new,

and it's going to take some time,

and you are going to feel like your hands are broken,

and it's going to be uncomfortable,

and that's totally fine,

it must feel like this in the beginning... once you've opened up your creative channels and allowed the flow of creativity, you can absolutely become so much more inspired to be creative & let loose on the freedom to draw on your inborn imagination once more.

Are you in need of a creative connection? If you feel somewhat lost without it, you can always take my Reiki & Watercolour Flow Class, take a look at the intro on YouTube

With just a few minutes a day, let's say 20 minutes or so, you could easily nurture the creative flow & bring you some much needed peace while adding a creative habit to relieve the craving for freedom.

Do you know what happens after you've taken time out for yourself? Your life will feel rounded, you'll access the place where peace is easy to find, you'll have time to be with yourself & it will help you solve problems easier. The big thing I found after connecting to my creative side was that it gave me insights to other routines for relaxation. You'll most certainly have the ability to draw flowers, real & imaginary, but beyond it, a seed of peace begins to grow too.

I'd love to help you find all of these wonderful things & draw them closer for you. I've always used this analogy: "If you are hungry, I can go to the kitchen & make you a delicious sandwich, but I cannot eat it for you..."

You are already here, reading this, & maybe today you are a little hungrier for a creative dish have a Blossom sandwich, it's the perfect appetiser

& pair it with a Sketchbook Journal

Welcome Home to your Creativity




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