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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

A Total Eclipse of the Heart

Science today will have you believe that a Solar Eclipse has nothing to do with a psychological shift in our lives. Yet, many indigenous tribes, cultures & mystics around the world have used these natural shifts in nature to track life so that they can make adjustments in their practices.

A little known fact is that Solar & Lunar Eclipses help us take on creative practice that enables our creative channels to open up in ways we haven't experienced before.

Now this isn’t something new as Solar Eclipse have been around before mankind ever existed. They help create our world experiences & the energies that go forward, just like the one happening today at 13:15 Melbourne time (Check your time & date here) with our maximum viewing time at 14:09, completing its seasonal appearance at around 15:00 hours.

There is bound to be a shift in the energetic vibrations around your practices too.

Whether you are starting a new Sketchbook Practice or trying to instil a new habit or overcome some life-changing event… the energy shift might just nudge you a little closer as of today. Isn't that good news worth celebrating.

Here's a little reminder for you. When you go on to take a look at the Solar Eclipse today, be sure to use protective eyewear, we don’t want you to damage your eyes in any way… How else are you going to do your heart-work if you cannot observe how your life is about to unfold!

"As the Celestial bodies dance along with their push-n-pull effects on us all, the frequency of energies the Sun Emits, the Moon Reflects & the Earth Attracts, we witness the playful way each one stands in their positions to play the part in this Eclipse.

The energetic toying has an immense effect on our Hearts as the energy moves our balance more than usual. It may feel like you are unable to get stuff done or you may feel out of rhythm during the days preceding this energetic pulse.

If you are anything like me, (and I suspect you are here because we resonate with each other) you may feel extra sensitive as the Sun & Moon have their force fields intertwined into our Earthly emotions.

This is not a bad thing at all… It’s going to infuse clarity where there was doubt & relive some of the stories of the past to help you overcome negative self-belief in a way that showers you with a new burst of energy to tackle those tasks that you started earlier this month.

As I’m watching Husky the Studio Muse play, I remembered a friend told me that Animals can actually sense these vibrations. They act silly, erratic & behave in a way other than there normal selves. I can see this as she’s been playing with the weirdest things & calling me to spend time with her outside.

Chris mentioned that days before a Solar Eclipse, spider’s around the world actually dismantle their webs just to rebuild them right after the energy shift subsides. Now I’m wondering if they don’t want to catch the pre-eclipse energy before the event & rather wait it out to build their webs stronger once the Eclipse was over or if they are doing that to use up the old energy in their bodies...

I have to say these past few days have felt like treading mud. Every project I started is dragging out much more than at any other time. Its like I wasn’t in the mood or in a hurry for anything to happen fast. There were even days that felt dragged out & long…

*Side Note: Luckily all the parcels from the last round of my Self-Mastery Membership were sent out on the 16th of April.

I think if I waited one more day, the Gift Packs would still be on my desk

With the noticeable effects going on in the world around us, is it any wonder that this Solar Eclipse is affecting things that used to be stable. Take for instance our circadian rhythms or better known as our natural sleep patterns, these are ruled by the pulse of morning light & the dissipation of light in the evenings.

Whether or not you have good sleeping patterns or not, all depends on the energetic rise & fall of how you align with the rising & setting cycles of the Sun... FYI if you want to reset your circadian rhythms, then go outside every day for the next week & be in the presence of the setting Sun in the evenings, (without your phone of course) & get up as the Sun comes out in the mornings. Doing this reset is so much more than just getting back to your sleep patterns, it really gets us into a momentum where stuff gets done & we think clearer about our life's purposes.

Can you see now why my early morning Sketchbook Sessions are so important. Being able to align with the natural energies of light & dark to make sure I’m in tune with myself while basking in the forces that life is naturally inclined to gift us all.

Believe me when I emphasize this.

The natural rhythm in life all other things tend to fall into place when we are in alignment with the flow of things. And don’t be mistaken by the healing power of natural Vit D from the Sun on our bodies & immune systems either. A little light during the day even if it’s just a few minutes or so is fuel for our bodies.

A while back I read this wonderful book called “Vit-D Prescription: the Healing Power of the Sun” by dr. Eric Madrid who outlines all these glorious benefits we can get for free without ever needing other medication to heal the so called ‘incurable’ conditions.

Anyway, why am I rambling on about a Solar Eclipse?

It has to do with our creative expressions & the activation of the Pineal Gland. This little hormone factory in our brains assists in the excretion of hormones that awaken our abilities for self-expression, higher thinking, focus, connection to Source & our innate ability to be Co-Creators.

Now don’t worry about a thing, as all of this happens automatically to all us & there is nothing you can do to avoid it or help it along… an awakening through a Solar Eclipse is just natures way to help humanity in some kind way because we are all part of this process.

A Solar Eclipse also represents a powerful time of healing & a coming of age for humanity... Don't take my word for it, go & learn about these miracles for yourself & see how much of what we dismiss in the stars, the planets, the Sun & Moon actually drives our bodily functions, our moods & the way we do things in the world.

In short, an Eclipse represents the dissolving of our differences & enforces a new sense of Oneness between humanity. It heals emotional wounds, builds stronger relationships & bring about a more loving harmonious cycle of life.

In many cultures eclipses are seen as bad omens that disturb life. But isn’t it also true that when we want change, we have to disturb our lives for the changes to happen. These disturbances can be anything that gets us moving, prompts us to do stuff we’ve been putting off or even doing more things we never thought possible!!!

It is the perfect time to get unstuck!

Here are some ideas on how to get started:

- Document your emotions & feelings in your Journal

- Observe what inspires you & write down notes before you forget them

- Gather ideas outdoors & a little more Vit D while you enjoy nature

- Go for a Picnic with your creative friends

- Do a Paint-a-long in your Sketchbook while following a video tutorial

- Just draw, play with colour & make marks in the margins of your Diary

- Read that book you’ve been putting off

- Visit one of your perky-happy-go-lucky friends

- Or sit quietly & feel the infusion of inspiration come over you

It can happen in a moment where your guard is released & you’ve discovered a sense of willingness to receive. Don't hesitate at all, it will be good for you.

Now if any thoughts of taking action is depleting your energy, take the day off. Listen to your body & rest. But don’t do it if you haven’t been actively running around expressing energy through busy-bee activities to start off with. That depleted-energy-feeling or slump is your body saying, “Give me something energetic to do!!!!” This happens when we have too much energy & it’s backed up waiting to be released or used.

If you feel bored, unsure or even unmotivated right now; why not take stock of your feelings & go through my Free Workbook to Overcome the Dream Crushing Weeds. You may be standing in your own way & preventing your own progress! That’s not something anyone wants to hear, although a fun way to look at it is in this video introduction to the Workshop for the Free Workbook. Watch it here on my YouTube Channel. And hey, subscribe to my YouTube Channel to show me that you want more free video contents over there.

Knowing how your feelings are inclined to change during any celestial event is one measure to “Be Okay” with what is going on in you & around you as long as you know this… You are going to be hit by a burst of inspiration big-time! You might as well get ahead of it now & start a practice that prepares you for the next cycle. I mean, what’s the use of being blessed with a burst of inspiration & then doing nothing with it!? I get that you may need to rest & recharge which is exactly why the 21-Day Mindful Sketchbook Practices Course can be one of the most beneficial short daily practices you can start at any time.

To take advantage of the 21-Day Mindful Sketchbook Practices Course Read all about it here:

Grounding yourself in this way while taking mindful action forward can provide great relief for the feelings & emotions you might be experiencing right now.

Advice for all the Heart-based Souls:

  • Become aware of how you approach things during this time. Life, creative practices & other human hearts may need comfort, not criticism.

  • Take a moment to reflect on what’s been going on for you & how you are managing your time. It would be wise to settle into the current energy instead of fighting it.

  • Be Gentle with yourself & practice self-love, self-care & compassion.

  • Take small steps in your creative pursuits by completing one thing at a time.

  • Don’t rush into projects that you haven’t planned out in some way or form, even if it is a little trip somewhere or an encounter with friends.

  • Think of ways you can feed your hearts desire instead of halting them.

  • Analyze aspects of dormant trapped energy & get your entire system moving instead.

  • Don’t abandon your work because it feels hard to do, push through with a light-hearted approach. No one said you had to be all serious at this time.

  • Enjoy something fun or use your burst of newfound creative inspiration to learn something new.

Empty your mind, make space for heart-based living & nurture the beautiful things happening all around you & don’t forget to take your Sketchbook everywhere… You never know what you may find around the next corner. Make this Solar Eclipse a time where you do a renewal of the heart & get in tune with your creative desires, no matter how small or large they may seem today.

- Tanya J. de Wet

I’ll let you go with Shelley Brown’s Words of wisdom to Live the Journey, Learn the Lessons, Regret Not!

Much Love

xo Tanya

PS. Remember that you will be showered with the spark of creativity no matter what, just let it all in.

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