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Joyful Creative Life Blog Articles
Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Are Dandelions really Weeds?

Looking outside my window this morning, I saw how out of order our lawn was & realised, this is how nature intended for it to be!

Every blade of grass & Dandelion patch was there to remind me of how beautiful it actually was. It's actually a pity that we as Humans want to have these perfectly curated lawns with trimmed hedges & an abundance of curated flower beds. I know because I also love to see the gardens that are so gracefully designed, manicured to perfection.

Yet, I have this urge to surrender to the chaos of the continuous growth of Dandelions on a messy lawn...

And so, this morning I'm bringing you a short insert to wake you up to the possibilities of a heartfelt practice you can begin right away. Sharing my growth & Sketchbook Practices with you has become an integral part of what I have to give. Also, now, after "Coming of age in my own Creative Career" where I feel there is enough proof of my own progress amongst the weeds of life to share how beautiful life can be.

A few moments ago, I was outside seeing where my next burst of creativity can sprout from; as always drawing from nature at just the right moment. After capturing footage for the upcoming events here on Andsodesigns, I find myself indoors again, ready to sit here with you to bring you this one message...

There is no better time than right now ;)

I know how we as Humans think & you may also be asking "but what is the "right moment"? What does such a thing look like? How do we know which moments are right & how can we find more of these moments to take time for ourselves?

Can it really be as easy as stepping out onto your patio with a little excitement to create something in your Sketchbook, even if it doesn't look like "art"? Or do we have to have a set out time to get creatively inspired? I'm here today to let you know that every moment in your life is the right moment! If you think about it, the reality is that there is only one moment that matters & it is right now... a few seconds from now, it will all be in the past forever lost to a missed opportunity.

Making sure you could see that any time is the best moment & you don't have to wait for your down time, or to be inspired when you are low on inspiration. Now is as good as any other time to start a slow practice & fill the quiet reflections of every mark onto a page.

Let that page be your "Poof of Progress" & nothing more!

It is just a page in a Sketchbook, but it is part of the seasons to encounter along your journey to creating a beautiful, joyful life with more of the things you really want to do more of. These mark filled pages, written inspirations & colourful expressions prove that you've been working on yourself & show that you are not a fraud.

It shows that playing is helping you become your best version & instead of wasting your time, you become busy with mastering something that restores your Creative Soul. Quitting the nagging feelings of lost opportunities & making the best of the things you want to do. This makes room for the best part of your life. By leaving the rest of the stuff behind doesn't mean you are quitting on yourself. It means you are quitting the stuff that no longer serve your best interests.

Steven Bartlett said:

"Contrary to popular opinion, quitting is for winners. Knowing when to quit, change direction, leave a toxic situation, demand more from life, give up on something that wasn't working and move on, is a very important skill that people who win in life all seem to have."

Never have these words meant more to me than when I decided to quit listening to that critical voice inside my head & get to work on how I wanted my life to look like.

It is by no means a cookie cutter life that fits in to the regular model... Nope! It is a life designed around the little habits I wanted to keep. The new things I wanted to try & most of all, the flowers I wanted to paint for myself. If you haven't read about my struggle with buying myself a bunch of Flowers yet, then read the previous Blog Article "Flowers make Everything Better"

Allowing myself to fill each page of many Sketchbooks with Flowers might not seem like a solution, but for me it wasn't just a mindless act... I used it to become my own Therapist by literally taking up a daily Mindful Sketchbook Practice! It served as a lifeboat that took me far away from life's little distractions & the endless chatter going on inside my head. You now, the kind that make us feel less than connected to the natural flow of happiness & destroy the joy we are born to experience here on earth...

Let today be your reminder that every moment can be the beginning of your progress & you don't have to wait for a day or a date to be the mark maker in your own life... Why not just decide that today is going to be that day!

Comment below to share a moment you captured today... even if it was just a dandelion patch in an un-attended, un-mowed lawn.

Also, do you want to take a sneak peak at the Mindful Sketchbook Practice offering coming out soon? Head on over here to check it out ;)

Much Love until next time

xo Tanya

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