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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

At the End of the Year

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

With two days to go, I was looking back at this year...

I took a deep look at the contents of the Creativity Section that includes the YouTube videos & special announcements. I read through all the Blog Articles I've shared over the many past weeks & then wrote down the Community Member's names that are currently inside the different Programs, I have on offer. I saw how many of you have made the time to participate in the Sketchbook Retreat & how everyone inside the Sketchbook Lovers Membership is going along on their Creative Journey. In retrospect, 2021 has been an eye opening deep dive into the things that are happening in my own Creative Journey. At times I didn't like what I saw along the way & knew I had to make several changes.

Changes that came along with the new things happening is the addition of a reference picture from Pinterest, the drawing you can download & the invite to the Live Call for everyone on the Free Creativity Membership.

The other wonderful thing that has come into full swing is my fabulous fabric designs on Spoonflower. The next year will see several Collections sprout into being through Spoonflower, as I love seeing my designs come to life on Fabric & want to share them with you.

As for the Creative Conscious Business Mind Mentorship Program I offered to my first "In House" student, & all the other things I haven't mentioned here today, I'm happy to announce that it is going to be even better in 2022. I'll send out more information as things happen.

There are the things like the Art Retreats I couldn't host since the world went crazy, but I still gave you the Sketchbook Retreat & an opportunity to Connect with your Creativity in online Classes. While I was studying the analytics, program layouts, lesson structures & the community feedback, I noticed an overall tendency to know more about my Creative Business Strategies & Creative Processes. So, the good news is that I'll be sharing more of these types of contents inside the Sketchbook Lovers Membership during the coming months.

As with many things in life, our Careers often call out for more of the things we want in life & in mine the same is true, I want more. Not more of what I already had, but more of what I needed. The things that can help me to expand my reach, bring in more licensing partners & more income. This meant there were things that needed to be addressed & more work had to be done.

With my Vision in hand & a clear path to full-fill my mission, I can take everything on in mind, body & soul. I know it can only happen when I take action. If you are ready to take your Creative Career seriously, you may want to consider taking on a months of contents inside the Sketchbook Lovers Membership to begin that journey with a line-up of monthly contents of my 2021 journey so far.

The year end video message is a reminder of how we can take what we've learned & begin to transmute the stagnant parts of our creativity to infuse some new life into what we need to accomplish.

It all begins with the vision you have for your future & the mission you'll be taking on while you grow upwards & onward. Too often, we allow a sense of slack to enter into our lives that drifts us too far away from our hopes, dreams & desires. If you are not on top of things, the afternoon off becomes a rest day, then a laid back morning turns into another off day & before you know it, a whole week of nothingness is shrouded in a layer of guilt. What was the purpose of letting the easy day to day, necessary things get away from us? Why are we so prone to neglecting our Creative Connection? I believe it is because we often find ourselves out of rhythm with our vision & not following the mission. It doesn't have to be stressful ether. Just a check-in with yourself from time to time & have a look at the inventory from time to time. The subtle adjustments of the ebb & flow of a Creative Lifestyle is mostly about being in balance with everything. Doing enough work every day, making enough connections every day, taking care of the little things every day & continuously adding a bit more of yourself.

Reflecting on how we can improve our lives & build on those solid foundations is important & will help you to see what comes next. Consciously choosing what can come along for the next journey. Bringing in the ingredients that assists in the "I want more vision & mission" concept & then actually living the life you've carved out in the next year with more intent & way more awareness... knowing there is room to create more beauty.

I want to continue dusting off the dust from my Soul & expand my inner-standing of what inner happiness really means. I want to have more moments of Serenity & Bliss to unfold. I am eager to allow more chapters to unfold. And most of all, I cannot wait to begin every day with a joyful heart & a relaxed, clear mind.

Every aspect of creativity comes together thanks to a relaxed mind, a willingness to reflect & having a passion to lead the way. Which reminds me that we have our last

LIVE CALL on the 30th of DECEMBER 2021 AEDT.

I'm inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting to enjoy a Sketchbook Session with me to chat about creativity, art & business while we create Pretty Poppies in our Sketchbooks.

I've drawn a pencil Sketch for you to Download if you don't feel up to drawing just yet. Download it here before the meeting

30 December 2021 - Live Call Reference Image
Pretty Poppies

You are more than welcome to join me for a Live Call @2 pm AEDT (Melbourne Time) Keep in mind that Australia seems to be ahead of time by almost a full day & my 30th may be your 31st. Watch out for the email reminder & links to join!

So, grab the handy time converter to check your times & join in with your Sketchbooks, pencil & other favourite supplies. I'll most like have the Sketchbook journal & watercolour in the studio.

Simply select your Country,

add the toggle across the timeline until it shows 2pm

on the correct Melbourne date & time

Begin to fall in love with your life & the Creative Connection inside of self

by adding your ideas to the possibility of true happiness.

Let's begin this new year together & see how our lives can unfold in 2022

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