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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Breath new life into your Dreams

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

The design, "A New Leaf" is a project I put aside for my next few weeks of learning. Whenever I feel stuck of overwhelmed, I want a quite spot to look at & not feel like I'm staring at a blank screen. The Desktop Background is the first completed item on the list as I used my spare time to create it for you. The desktop background was created to encourage you & me to focus on our future endeavours without fail. Stopping the outside distractions can lead us astray, but not today!

Today is like turning a new leaf & crossing a bridge into the unknown!

You see my Arty Friends, I've been looking forward to being part of a course for over a Year. The signup only happens once every year in February. Today is the day I signed up & I'm in ecstasy over the perfect investment I've made. You see, I've always wanted my own Fabric Collection & a lifelong dream has been to see my designs on the walls of majestic Palaces & Vintage Homes. I just had to make time to pursue this dream too. Besides, any financial investment has the potential for huge returns & it will absolutely advance my future as an Artist, Art Teacher & push me to become a successful Surface Pattern Designer. So who am I taking this amazing course with? It is another amazing women who has proved herself in the industry of not only Surface Pattern Design, but as a Female Entrepreneur. Her work ethics, standards & uncomplicated approach to her career is very much as inspiring as the community she's built up over the last couple of years.

You can join the Surface Design Tribe now

Enrolments open every February & if you missed out on this sign up period, it will only be available next year. Don't wait... if you are ready to start building your dream career as a Surface Pattern Designer, then head on over to the pink JOIN NOW button & sign up for Bonnie's Immersion Course.

While I'm waiting for class to begin in a few days time, we are eagerly awaiting more students to join in this amazing career. I decided to head on over to her Skillshare Classes & begin my journey with her a little earlier.

She has an amazing talent for putting together classes & I'll list some of them here:

A Surface Designer's Guide to File Organisation & Workflow One of my favourites!

Another favourite is about Vectorised Watercolours She has laid out a clear Roadmap for Surface Pattern Designers

The Advanced Techniques in Surface Pattern Design Course is as relevant today as ever.

The Desktop Background, "Stop all distractions & work on your future" is ready for you to download for free. Let me know what you think about the design & the Colour Palette, I'd love to know.

Stop all distractions Desktop Wallpaper_
Download • 2.17MB

Today's Post is sweet & short but filled with a wealth of opportunity. Grab your future now & stay focused on what you want to achieve, I'm rooting for you!

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