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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Build your Watercolour Skills - Plan like an Artist

In the Series Building your Watercolour Skills, we are taking a closer look at areas of creativity where you may need more specific guidelines to accomplish a task.

The classes will follow shorter lessons with emphasis on specific processes that will help you through the steps to achieve desired results & clearly outline strategies that work. It couldn’t be easier to tackle the projects & see them through to the end with a final tangible product or result to be proud of.

An additional benefit of using this strategy compilation is you will have several methods to use and apply directly to your other projects. I happen to prefer working with tangible tools like Watercolour Paint, Brushes and especially my Sketchbooks. The Sketchbooks become your memory keepers and will bring you joy for years to come. Referring back to previous ideas can spark your creativity immediately and prevent you from searching outside of yourself for ideas all the time.

You are building a tangible resource library of ideas that come from your own inner imagination & creativity, how wonderful is that?

Plan like an Artist is a systematic approach towards gathering colour combinations, project elements, layouts & strategies to create a mini collection of stationary items for your office or any other Art related collection you need. A personalized Thank You note to client is a beautiful way to make an impact while you introduce your style. Friends & family will benefit from a lovely hand written letter, like in the old days that was designed by you.

Planning out a project and seeing it through to the end is one of the most satisfying feelings of accomplishment one can have & be proud of what you’ve created. It is my wish for you to enjoy the planning phase as much as the final result and have a completed mini collection at hand. You never know when you may need it.

You will absolutely be able to recreate the projects again and again. With the basic set of Skills you can adjust any project to follow through from brainstorming to practicing in your Sketchbook and completing the final product. By Building your Watercolour Skills through repeating the process, you’ll become more efficient and reliable for the next project you need to complete. Acquiring a set of planning skills will elevate your abilities to the next level & smooth out obstacles with ease. I have a real affinity for Sketchbooks & constantly bring them up in my Blog Posts about playing in my Sketchbooks

Adding the list of supplies & tools here will help you to prepare before you dive into the Watercolour Skills Building Class, Plan like an Artist

The Supplies & Tools

2 Water containers with water

Blotting towel

Watercolour Paper + offcuts

Watercolour Paint

Your favorite Brushes

A Sketchbook

A Notebook (optional) a loose sheet of paper will do

HB Pencil for writing notes

Water soluble pencils for details (optional) you can use crayons or colour pencils

Bonefolder (optional) use any blunt object that won’t smear off colour

Additional Tools for the Bonus Video

Your completed designs

Printer any basic printer will do

Printer paper for the Letter Set

Cutting Blade

Cutting board/Card board from the back of a Watercolour pad


This may not be your average Art content, but it is important to be organized and ready for projects. Planning is as much a part of being an Artist. Having a Sketchbook ready to play in is fundamental to having the visual insight to the gradual development of your project. It can be the visual guide to assist your clients in "seeing" the progress & make changes as you proceed. A sure fire way to have a tangible reference to build on.

Take a peak inside the Class to see if you would like to join. As always, I have a two week Premium Membership for you to watch as many classes around Photography, Filming, Illustration, and of course classes on Watercolour & Reiki Flow, that was my first class on Skillshare. The Premium Membership comes with no obligation to any specific teacher, you can watch millions of videos on your favorite subjects.

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