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Joyful Creative Life Blog Articles
Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Creativity never looked so good

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

It's hard to believe there was a time when I would stare at an empty Sketchbook page wondering where the next idea would come along.

As we enter the digital era, I've been so very impressed with the skills I learned last year. So, instead of learning half-hazardously like most creatives, I chose to learn from one course.

It immersed me into a world where I felt confident in what I was learning because it was completely applicable. The amounts of real life experience i picked up from this course was priceless to say the least as it opened the doors of possibilities to new highs in my life. Not only was I able to learn Adobe Illustrator from the ground up, but I built out my website, began writing meaningful Blog Posts & had the chance to create the most awe inspiring things.

Here are just a few things I could implement towards my dream Creative Career:

Wallpaper designs from the pages of my Sketchbooks with lovely colours, gorgeous designs & the use of the skills I learned, rolled into beautiful layers of design elements in the exact patterns I wanted to see.

I get to choose the perfect colour combinations, the types of wallpaper I want to use; My favourites are the Peel & Stick Wallpaper selections from my Andsodesigns on Spoonflower. I've added a few images of the Rocky Mountain Resort Collection of designs & the full collection can be viewed on the button below the images.

"Our wishes do come true. The evidence appears when we begin to fall in love with our lives, our work & our hearts desires by stepping out of our limiting beliefs & finding what we want to see in the world." - Tanya J. de Wet

I haven't forgotten about our little ones need either. The young ladies in our lives can also have beautiful things like wallpaper & Duvets in a Watercolour Roses Collection named Akito Roses & the boys can enjoy the rustic simplicity of a Pine Forest design.

I've enjoyed the expansion of my Creative Career so much that I just cannot write this Blog Article today without mentioning that all of this was possible because I embraced the wonder contents of my all time best Course Creators, Bonnie Christine. The knowledge she bestows on us during Immersion can never be replicated by any other single standing course out there.

Today is the last day for the Immersion Course & also the last time it will ever be at this price. Do yourself a massive favour today & click on this link to discover how much contents you'll have lifetime access to: 2022 COURSE LINK EXPIRED! Jump on the wait list for Immersion by emailing me here:

To expand an existing Art Career, a New Creative Career or to super charge an existing set of puzzle pieces, the Immersion Course has it all.

This is the FINAL day of Immersion enrolments, remember this:

- I never knew that I could self-publish a book, but I figured it out!

- I never knew how to turn my drawings into wallpaper & here I have sixteen collections.

- I never knew how to monitise my Art & here I have multiple streams of income.

- I never knew how to work Adobe Illustrator, and now I'm working with it every day (believe me, it pays for itself very quickly)

- I never knew how to put everything together, it was a mystery for two years & now I know all the secrets to Bonnie's success plus I'm doing it for myself!

From the naive holiday trip sketchbook I made for a visit to our relatives to the page I just started, there where many failed pieces & none of them looked like "my" work. I painted what I saw with the intent to build on a desire to paint florals, but I was frozen with fear.

Until I discovered Immersion

Find a little creativity for yourself today & see what's available for you inside the Surface Design Immersion Course with Bonnie & flourish like you've never flourished before

Oh yes!

Before I forget, you can take my new Skillshare Class here & it's all about "Developing your Style by Pitching to Yourself" or click on the image to go there directly

Until next time

Tanya J. de Wet

I'll see you inside as I'm back for all the new stuff Bonnie added in the new course for this year!

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