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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Daily Meditation: The Secrets to slowing down

Welcome friend,

A daily meditation practice might feel like a novel idea when we think of all the rigmarole actions we have to perform every day. Upheavals of life tasks that pile higher than our minds can fathom at times. But here we are, going through it like we own each moment as a given, never taking a few moments to observe and be genuinely curious about things.

Observing nature is always an awe inspiring and Spiritual experience for me. I am reminded of how little I actually know, despite what I think I've come to learn in my short time on this plain of existence. It is blatantly clear, when we open our eyes to see, there are ever more layers to life than what we first thought was there. Beyond that, in the micro cosmos, still more to observe.

How then does it happen that we take all of life for granted?

Gazing at a very short moment in time, it is becoming vividly clear that my world is vastly different to the world I once thought of. Outside my perception I hear of horrors and atrocities humankind is inflicting on each other... influenced by external hatred, slipped into our minds when we weren't seeing the truth anymore.

Now, here, in my precious moments of meditation, I choose to see with my Divine Eye and purposely ignore everything that does not serve my higher truth. The truth that we can and we must learn just one thing while we are here; to love. To find love, the kind of love that comes from a place of knowing we are all one.

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