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Joyful Creative Life Blog Articles
Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

December Gifts to add a Little Joy

Paint your own gifts this year with the Floral Painted Trays project this week & the coasters next week. I made it especially for you as I know it isn't always possible to join me here in the Studio for a relaxing class.

In this weeks Blog Article I'll share the floral painted tray tutorial & next week the four coasters video to complete your set.

There is really something wonderful about making a special gift & sharing that with the people in your life. If you have visitors over, why not get them together around the dining room table for a paint along. Gather the supplies, maybe just get yours out & dust them off! Print out the flower tracing sheet, put the video on & make the painted tray together.

Right Click & Save the image to use as a colouring page, to trace the flowers onto the tray, to practice drawing your own flowers for another project.

What you'll need to get started:

Bamboo or wooden tray or any other object you want to paint

The Floral sheet

Pencil to draw with

Gesso to prime the surface

Acrylic paint in the colours of your choice

Paint brushes

Optional - Sharpie, black acrylic ink, varnish sealer

Floral Painted Trays Video to follow along

Have fun with this project this week

& keep an eye out for next week when

I add the Four Coasters Video for you to paint along

If you are interested in attending a few classes with me, head on over to the Sketchbook Lovers Page where I've added a few new items to warm your Creative Heart!

And before I forget, we are going to do a Live Call after Christmas on the last Thursday of December 2022. It will be on the 29th of December @6:30pm AEST/Melbourne time, I'll send out reminder emails with the links a day or two before the Live Call.

We'll be chatting about the questions I received over the past few weeks & while we do that, I'll do another drawing or painting demo in my Sketchbook Journal or let me know if you want to paint another object by replying here.

Much Love

xo Tanya

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