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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Dreaming of drawing Imaginary Flowers?

Starting out as a Sketchbook Lover sounds dreamy, right?

If you feel drawn to the idea of having a few moments to yourself, time to gather your thoughts & brighten up your mood with a splash of colour, then a few minutes a day for yourself could be the nurturing you’ve been dreaming of.

With easy, self-paced lessons that are thoughtfully brought together from the basic colourful backgrounds to the simplest supplies, expressive imagination and a yearning to relax & escape a little, comes the inspiration to bring forth some of the cutest imaginary blossoms.

Playing, relaxing and exploring your creative side is sure to add value to "me-time"

Imaginary blossoms and colourful pages make it so easy to begin creating in your Sketchbook, even if you’ve never drawn or scribbled flowers before. Sketchbook Blossoms is a relaxation session rolled into your creative expression with guided lessons & resources.

With my gentle guidance through complete videos & time to reflect after each section, there is a calmness that comes together on your pages... you & tranquillity become one as the layers add onto each to grow into a creative spread from imagination.

Included are the download sheets that form part of your workbook, don’t worry, it’s more of a story book , you’ll fall in love with the flow of each lesson & your creativity.

All you need is a little sparkle to make a light...

as it takes just a few minutes a day to add some sparkle.

Suddenly a Sketchbook filled with Bouncing Blossoms doesn’t sound like a fantasy anymore, the dreamy thoughts of creating your very own book of imaginary Blossoms is as real as your hand, your eyes & the pencil you used just the other day.

Your ability to utilise colour, find shapes, make marks and use basic art, craft & office supplies is within you & the lessons help to bring the small spark to life. This is exactly what makes the Sketchbook Blossoms Workshop one of the easiest creative moments you can use for relaxation. It's your cue to escape for a few minutes a day. Not convinced yet, maybe I could outline the advantages for you here:

This is for you, if you…


… want to learn how to sketch Blossoms

… need to create or be creative in your own time

… adore colour & colour combinations

… always dreamed of playing in a Sketchbook for relaxation

… want to be more creative & break away from the office

… boost your sketching confidence

… yearning to draw from your imagination

… feel like escaping, but can’t get away yet

… actually, want quick results

… have some art, craft or office supplies around the house

… have acrylic, gouache or watercolour paint begging to be used

… your kids have colourful markers

… the sharpie looks like a great drawing supply

… want to start a Sketchbook habit (15-20 minutes a day)

Need another reason to play with those art supplies & start a fresh Sketchbook? Okay, here’s one more…

Just have a little fun with yourself!!!!

If any of these sounds like you, then the Sketchbook Blossoms Workshop

Is the perfect creative escape at home

The feelings of joy when you look back at your Sketchbook pages & realise those imaginary flowers actually came to life on your page, is priceless. We are finishing each lesson together through the power of pre-recorded lessons. I'll be available in the group for a chat when you have any questions and you'll be able to connect with other visible group members.

In as little as 2 weeks, (or longer if you want to spread out your video lessons) you’ll be able to learn with total confidence, just how easy it can be to have a few creative moments for yourself & a Sketchbook habit. The perfect time to break away from things, just for you…

Haven’t heard of this Sketchbook Blossoms Workshop yet?

Then I’ll invite you today, we are launching on 1 September 2021

CLICK ON THE "You are invited" Button

I’d love to see you there. Before I go, I'd like you to know that we have an exclusive & private group for the Sketchbook Workshop with ample space to share your designs or interact with others when you feel like it!

Want to know what we are going to do in there?

I’ll give you all the details in my next email and it’s going to be awesome… Bonus lessons for free once you’ve received your Blossom Stage, I’m super excited to have you

The Sketchbook Blossoms Workshop

We have an“e a r l y b i r d s p e c i a l” running from now until midnight AEST, 6 September 2021



Have any questions??? Ask me anything

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