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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Flow States, Mindfulness, Meditation & a Sketchbook Practice

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

To find your creative flow you must be willing to connect with yourself. It's not something new, it's something you've been doing unconsciously...

Flow state is the new buzz word for Mindfulness, just like it became the replacement for Meditation. Having all three of these, we could really divide them into three categories, but let's be a little more practical here & connect them all to a balanced state of mind.

Being in balance cannot begin until we can face those little weeds... the one's where we keep on doing the silly things that gets us nowhere. Dissecting it is going to give you more to think about. If you are ready to take that step, Take the Skillshare Class with the same name as the Workbook HERE

>>> Not ready for Skillshare, Okay, watch the YouTube Introduction video instead

To override something means to use one's own authority to reject, cancel or make another decision. Some may even say it is to interrupt a task or action.
In our context it's a selective process of changing One Thing at a time in order to take control of Your Life.

So, you step into your creative space & start looking around for something to do because that's what we do every day... bad habit number 1 begins to nestle itself into your life... Mindless, un-directed "work" takes place without you consciously being aware of it & before you know it, it's time to pick up the kids from school, make dinner & your whole day felt busy, but you didn't finish anything.

This sets off bad habit number 2... Feeling like you deserve time off after working so hard the whole day you slop yourself down on the sofa & binge watch three episodes of a series that messes up your reality of life.

Is this starting to sound familiar?

Then wait, bad habit number 3 is about to set the stage for the grand finale before bed... With the blue light glaring into our Soulful eyes, we scroll through social media for an hour or two before we close our aching eyes for another restless night of nightmarish sleep, all the while envying the false accomplishments of others.

Harsh, I know, but it's the norm these days. I jokingly said to friends that if I want to have a conversation with my husband all I have to do is sit next to him & send him a text. We tend to scoff at these things, but have you been consciously aware enough of your habits to notice that we do these things nearly every single day & these mindless actions tend to bottleneck our progress the most!

Let's take a look at these three for a moment:

Bad Habit #1 - Starting random creative things that keep you busy all day >>> What if you could still do what you wanted to do with a three point guideline you can set for yourself to only get the right stuff done?

Bad Habit #2 - Wasting away in front of the tv >>> We can surely treat ourselves to something worthy of our time while we eliminate the feelings of exhaustion by unwinding in better ways. Maybe a long pampering bath with some relaxing music instead of a two hour tv-series marathon would have far reaching benefits that don't involve being brainwashed. Taking care of your amazing body for all it has been doing for you after a long day is certainly worthy of your time, don't you think?

Bad Habit #3 - We can certainly stop the comparison trap right in it's tracks >>> We must do this because what we are looking for cannot be found in someone else's photo-feed or a mindless scroll session of stupid 30 second clips that don't add meaning to your life.

Are you ready to work on your little Weeds? Then get the full workbook here:

I cannot emphasise this enough,

Your uniqueness is within You!

It can be found in the Flow State & Mindful Moments when you open up a good book, listen to music that moves your emotions or better yet, while you create in your Sketchbooks. It is that thing we all wish to be part of... a kind of purposeful embrace to life... an unconditional love... an inspiring spark with the Divine & an ultimate clarity about our lives.

You've certainly been around me long enough to know how easy it is to get into this flow state with a simple Sketchbook session, or if you prefer, we can call 'it' a Mindful practice, a Meditation session or even Creative playtime.

Get excited about Your Life & Take actions towards reaching those Successes, it's not a Secret that we need to put in the effort to get there, but if you are stuck...

Using it as a time to empty the mind with a deep release of thought patterns or to draw in the inspiration we need. This Mindfulness allow this process to happen much easier because we are closely connected to the Flow State when we are in balance.

The Creative components we need to feel more balanced can also come from a Mindful Sketchbook Practice as it is here where a centred balanced connection can happen within an outward release of things we no longer need & an inwards pull of the things we do need.

Once you've opened up to the possibilities, based on your personal beliefs, the Flow State adds a deeper meaning to your life & purpose. This is also true for the moments when you gather your Sketchbooks for a session where all the feelings of resistance are released & you become open to the possibilities of great inspiration.

Okay, I have to jump in here with some wonderful news!

I've been looking forward to share the Mindful Sketchbook Practices Program with you, but it's not 100% ready yet...

I'm finalising some technical stuff, but I'll let you in on a few secrets ;)

The Mindful Sketchbook Practices is a new Program that builds the foundations of the Natural Creative Flow State. It's based on the exact practices that helped me get rid of bad habits & connect to my Purpose, even on days when I felt less creative than usual. As new as I wish this was, it's been a long-time coming as I had to go back in time to remember how I did it. Finally, it all came together & I'm almost ready to open the doors for you.

Do you want to know how it helped me? I thought that would be a firm Yes! So, here we go:

- The Mindful Sketchbook Practices gave me real balance in my family life

- The short sessions gave me more stability & direction to move forward every day

- It banished my negative thought patterns as often as they came along

- There was a deeper discover my true desires as i figured out what I wanted to do

- I saw real progress because of the notes & guidelines I laid out each morning

- For my wild beautiful mind the short practices gave meaning to my little Sketchbook habit

- I could overcome feelings of hurt, despair & loneliness

- Overwhelm was removed as I reached smaller goals instead of piling on stress

- It taught me how to renew my beliefs about what's possible for me

- And the greatest plus was that I had more time because I was organised without pressure

In reality, before I had made the Mindful Sketchbook Practices a real thing in my life, the distractions kept on drawing me away from what I really wanted to do. My mind was all over the place & turned into chicken scraps that just didn't make any sense... I had to find something to get a grip on the cycling emotions of my thoughts, the upside down uncertainties & random ideas in my head... There it was, my perfect solution to a Creative Hearts yearning to have a Lifestyle with all the messiness & freedom I wanted.

Which brings me right back to the balanced mind I spoke of in the beginning of today's post.

Now, to be clear, the practices are for Sketchbooks, Notebooks, Diaries & even a sheet of paper will do, as long as you show up in your Creative space to focus on the balanced practice for that day. It's such a brilliant practice where our Creative Hearts are catered for along with our needs to be be expressive. And believe it or not, while you are in your special place with the Creative Flow State, your Sketchbook Practices become a whole new world of Life-giving Happiness & Joy.

These short little Sketchbook Practices are perfect for Whole Human Wellness because we figure out what our lives get to look like as we learn to stay true to our uniqueness! So, maybe you can start by getting rid of some Weeds before we release the Mindful Sketchbook Practices Program...

You've heard me saying how important it is to start where you are with what you have & let life unfold in beautiful ways, but maybe Jim Rohn can say it better?

"Happiness  is  not  something  you  postpone  for  the  future;  it  is  something  you design for the present.”

That's all I have for you today!

Much Love

xo Tanya

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