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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

From Self-taught Artist to going to the MOON

Season 23 - Episode 02, I have to say it again, Season 23 – Episode 02. I secretly wonder what my life is going to be like in a few months from now, but before I get ahead of my dreams, let’s take a look at the second part of the heading… it reads: “going to the MOON”

Watch my Episode by clicking on the image!

It’s pretty dramatic to have your Art featured in this way with my Surface Pattern Design Images having a tiny spot on the nickel plated laser etched Lunar Codex. What an honour to be selected. They predict the lifespan of the disk is around one million years.

As soon as I heard that my designs were selected to take the journey with the payload going to the Moon with the Colour in Your Life & SpaceX mission, I was stumped, because all I wished for when I blew out my birthday candles was to be approved for the CIYL show. Goes to show you, our wishes can come true even if it takes a trip to the Moon in the process 😉

Let's take a closer at the Lunar Codex time capsule that’s going to be treasured in this very special Museum!

What exactly is the Lunar Codex?

From the Curator & creator of the enterprise: “The Lunar Codex is a project to preserve contemporary creative arts for future generations, a message-in-a-bottle to the future,” explained Dr. Samuel Peralta. “It is sending the work of creative artists to the Moon in three lunar exhibits/time capsules. The Lunar Codex's will be launched via three separate missions to the Moon over 2022-2023.”

Colour in Your Life will be joining the Polaris Collection time capsule, on the third mission and is mentioned in the Peregrine Collection in the first mission in 2022. The Artists data will be ‘imprinted’ on nickel-shielded memory cards. Seasons 1 to 23 of the Colour in Your Life TV SHOW archive will join several other feature films, short films, documentaries & an Emmy Award winning film in the time capsule. Colour in Your Life is expected to be the first Artist TV Series to be archived on the Moon.

Listen to the interview with Graeme Stevenson OAM, CEO and founder of CIYL & the Lunar Codex payload coordinator, curator & expert Dr. Samuel Peralta, Science fiction writer, dreamer & one amazing creative mind.

For more information, Visit -

To see Dr. Samuel Peralta's work, Visit -

In the realms of creativity, I believe that each & everyone can connect with their creative side & live an extraordinary life!

With the methods I’ve developed through a personal engaging creative flow, creativity became part of our daily lives. Whether it is used for problem solving, communication or just as an expressive tool, “Creativity can never run out, unless you’ve convinced yourself otherwise”

Throughout my careers, from the most recent past as a Hairstylist to the Art journey of self-discovery, Therapeutic Art Coaching with Healing Modalities & two daily practices like Sketchbook Keeping & Reiki, I’ve always striven to become my own best version.

There is no such thing as a standard model of living & when you take on the journey of self-mastery, you’ll flourishing as a creative entrepreneur. Early in my Artistic discoveries, I dream of running Creative Retreats & helping others find their voice in the world. Human connection is a natural part of being; therefore, we must strive to connect on multiple levels while we cannot be together just yet. Through regular interaction with other’s, we learn about ourselves & the inner worlds of our imaginations, but sadly, many have forgotten about their younger selves & how easy it was to play.

I must admit that Graeme has not revealed which images they sent to be on the Lunar Codex, but I'll show you a snippet of what I've created in the last year or so.

This is Maggie: A tribute to my memories of gardening with my Granny (Ouma) Maggie

Lillies @ Casa Blanca: Sunlit Lillies spread across a Cotagge garden mansion

Welcome Home: The evolution of a pattern into a quoted journal

"And once your imagination has had it's fun, it's time to step things up with some work to see your project come to life. Our dreams stay dreams when we don't follow through." - Tanya J. de Wet

I’m sure Dr. Samuel Peralta came up with all kinds of solutions while connecting to his creative side & especially when he wrote all those wonderful Fiction Novels. We cannot just rely on reason & logic, since creativity expands our ordinary ideas into wondrous outcomes made of fantasy, big dreams & the un-tangiable.

So, while I regularly use my imagination to think waaaaaay outside the parameters of any box, I often come up with more ideas than I could ever manage. The ones that do pan out bring me great joy as I’ve made them especially for others to enjoy in order to bring out their uniqueness within the Art world, Surface Pattern Design Industry, Writing, Engineering, Architecture & all the great creative expansions I forgot to mention here today.

Did you know that almost all my designs begin in my Sketchbooks? The pages are the memory keepers that allow me to play, discover elements I wish to showcase & then they are turned into Artworks, projects or Surface Pattern Designs. It isn’t often that I share my “inner world” with others, but when the opportunity came to be filmed for the Colour in Your Life TV SHOW, I couldn’t believe how well my Creative Career was received. It just goes to show how important it is to continue building your career, even when no-one is watching or knows about you yet!

While we can place our stamp on the world today, it is never guaranteed that we'll wake up tomorrow morning or have another chance to create a beautiful life with the people & things we care about. Please don't wait another moment, go out & make your world a beautiful place. Loose your stress inside a Sketchbook or capture a fond memory.


The Welcome Home Sketchbook Journal now comes with a coil binding to open up wider, flip over & make it easier to scan. You can see mine has worked a little already.

Enjoy yours 7 make sure to share your images on socials with the hashtags

Love always



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