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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Gathering resources

This journey has taught me to gather my resources and utilise the massive amounts of creativity, acquired & natural to bring a part of me into the world, the world wide internet world that is.

There is a plethora of Art channels, Online Stores, Creative Businesses and Content Creators out there and I still believe that there is enough room in our world for all of us to have an Artistic voice & wall of fame space. One thing we can all remind ourselves of, is that no matter how well intended and planned out our strategy is for any given task, there is a slim chance of things not working out the way you liked them to. The video is a whole day late. That isn't why I'm writing this post & making it available to your inboxes today. No, it is because of the title, "Gathering Resources". Before setting off to record the video and doing the final edits, I had to create content. Many filming enthusiasts might relate better to the dilemma I faced with the contents. As an amateur, I still want the videos and the content to look pleasing and as a desperate perfectionist dreaming of relaxing the reins a little, I found myself in a tassel of unwanted footage. As soon as I laid eyes on the replay, I knew that the content was not up to my standards. With a slight hint of disappointment in my performance, I took a moment & stepped back from the table and listen to my own teachers voice for once. You see, I've worked relentlessly to become less frazzled and more relaxed when I create, simply because that is what I teach my students. It isn't all that easy if you are the one teaching you to do the seemingly impossible mental shift from shit to success.

Once I felt inspired early this morning, I set out to pick up where I left off yesterday. Just before the split second decision was made, you know... the decision that the postcard was "ugly"! Gathering alternative resources and bringing myself in line with the ideas I had the previous day, the postcard was completed. The second day felt less of a task as I started the process with a clear mind and did not bring yesterdays so-called failure to the table.

Dinah Washington, a singer from many years ago sang this song:

"What Difference A Day Makes", her song is one of my favourite oldies. As my maiden surname is Day, we have an inside family joke about what a difference a Day makes mainly because we regularly came up with out of the ordinary solutions to everyday stuff and later adapted the "Day Way' for ourselves. Well, if you agree or not, I regularly refer to the statement when I've made good choices for myself.

Allow me to paint a picture for you regarding the relevance of the song in my life. There was an advertisement on television back home for Radox (sorry for the namedropping) where the lady fell back into a bubble bath to relax after a hectic day. That's me in more than one way. Whenever I feel stuck, over worked or out of sorts, I take some well deserved time away from all & relax, pamper and treat myself to a blissful bubble bath! Take a few minutes to listen to the song. The laid back soothing sounds of a jazz bar classic will go a long way, if you can relate. With a glance at the lyrics, you can also form a picture of how this song soothes a fiercely, tired mind to the safety of calm & clear thinking.

"What a difference a day makes

Twenty-four little hours

Brought the sun and the flowers

Where there used to be rain

My yesterday was blue, dear

Today I'm part of you, dear

My lonely nights are through, dear

Since you said you were mine..."

What a difference a day makes is the tune that equates to self-inspired praise...

"There's a rainbow before me

Skies above can't be stormy

Since that moment of bliss,

that thrilling kiss

It's heaven when you find romance on your menu

What a difference a day made

And the difference is you..."

Setbacks are minor obstacles in our paths and even if we just take a few moments to reflect, it's easier to discover how wonderful it is to have another go at something that didn't work the first time.

Below is a side by side comparison of the two postcards for comparison. The one on the right is not perfect, but I love the process of moving away from the situation and establishing a new start before everything falls apart. Gathering & changing our resources to complete a project is just another way we can adjust & move forward when life gets too much. So next time, before you reach breaking point and cross your personal threshold for perfectionism, just step away, take a day if you can and gather new resources to help you along.

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