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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Gifting to Self & Others

You can be all you ever wanted to be,

by opening the channels of creativity

& Igniting the passions you are only dreaming of.

These were some of the words I used in the previous Blog Article, when we discussed Overcoming the Dream Crushing Weeds. You can still download the Printable PDF here to make sure you can actually move past some of the blockages that tend to hold most creatives & artists back from doing what they love doing.

Overcome the Dream Crushing Weeds
Download PDF • 6.99MB

For the past two years, I’ve sent my letters & emails with the closing words: “Stay Well”

Maybe it was to confirm to myself that I am doing things to ensure my own happiness. Feeling like I have received an affirming gift of sorts & even received that type of energy that connects me to the Earth & to the idea of Heaven... Can you relate to what I’m saying here? Do you know the feeling I'm referring to? It's almost like a deep feeling of safety, anchoring me to what I need, A feeling that brings me closer to making the best of this life!

As every year comes along, there are defining moments where I feel ecstasy about the creative heights I’ve reached & want to jump on the “Create” wagon with fresh new ideas. Although we are meant to be in continuous creation mode, the process doesn’t always just happen! I’ve found to be completely in the moment of creative thoughts leading to creative projects, is where we become stuck the most. It’s like our minds & bodies need to be prepared to find the motion & be ready for whatever task we are about to embark on.

If we didn’t fully engage, we can stand to lose momentum or give up completely.

I was recently reminded of how close we sometimes brush by our biggest dreams because we gave up to soon. Somehow, we just run our emotions on full blast & expect the rest to fall into place with very little effort… Well, it literally falls into a place where we don’t want it to, if we are not in the driver’s seat.

When this happens, we turn to our negative habitual thoughts & start blaming the world, blaming our tools, blaming circumstances, blaming our parents, blaming our partners & after a while it feels too late to make a change. Defeated by our own lack of perspective on the project, overcome by daunting feelings, we often think that we are not capable of doing something about the situation. When in fact we are not stuck, just temporarily overcome by a feeling that we turned into this big heap of hopelessness when all we had to do was check in with ourselves more often than we thought was needed.

I’ve discovered something wonderful…

Anytime I feel overcome by creative paralysis, I take out my Sketchbooks & begin to page through them to look back at how far I’ve come. This often ignites a spark of creativity much deeper than the endless browsing online & looking at other peoples work...

There is no better way to develop appreciation for your own work, than to page back to your creations & see what you have already made. Being proud of your progress is when you acknowledge to yourself that your work is good enough & you don’t need approval from the outside world, because you approve of yourself.

By the time you’ve seen how beautiful those pages look, you can re-use your own work to create something ‘new’ from the pages that inspired you. That my dear Creatives are precisely what we are going to do throughout the whole month of December.

Just look at how lovely this tray came out. And to think I used the same hand drawn images from two years ago to make this project fresh & new again.

The Painted Serving tray is just the beginning of this Month's theme of "Creative Gifts" & to give you a glimpse into what's coming in next weeks Sketchbook Lovers Membership Contents, I'll share a short video

snippet here too.

In these gift-able projects, you’ll find a renewed sense of creativity through your own work & absolutely can remake each project with ease because you don’t have to start from scratch

I believe this method assists us in a way where our energy, memories and beliefs about our abilities can reconnect with the brilliance of our logic minds to release those negative thoughts & fully resolved all the doubts we had moments before.

“Being inspired by one’s own creative works is like a miracle

happening in our brain that opens the channels of creativity wider that they’ve ever been opened before.”

– Tanya J. de Wet

Every mind-altering experience we have, can contribute to the list of wisdom that can help us move forward. Creativity means something significant is happening - our mind is being altered, our thoughts become clear, our body begin to release emotional blocks & life brings more of the lovely things our way. I reckon that we were only protecting ourselves by not moving at all. The stored-up negative emotions & energy draining negativity fueling our fears are sometimes just too much to manage.

A friend shared this with me:

Fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. What an eye opening statement! It just goes to show how we tend to believe all the nonsense going on in a racing minds.

No wonder many people just give up on their dreams & believe they are not creative at all.

To be completely free to re-use your own work & build on the foundations you've already laid, is one of the relevant reasons why I adore the Sketchbook Practices. Having done the legwork through practise & repetition is the very process bringing you closer to what comes afterwards. It is preparing you to be more ready for the next steps in your creative career or general creative pursuits. It literally turns stagnation into imagination & boosts your creativity levels once more.

During the creation of the The Sketchbook Lovers Membership,

I wanted to deliver contents based on just that, re-using our own creative work from your Sketchbooks to create the life you want. If that includes making gifts for loved ones,

then I've succeeded on multiple levels to inspire you.

There really is so much more to the Membership than simply drawing

in your Sketchbooks. It's a place to learn & play, grow & develop, but most of all, to have a fulfilled life through our natural abilities.

Consider joining us inside the Sketchbook Lovers Membership

by checking out the About Page

Find out more by comparing the benefits between the Free Creativity Membership which you are part of now & the Sketchbook Lovers One by Clicking on this Button

The gift of accepting our own creativity as part of “GIFTING TO SELF & OTHERS” may sound like a strange concept & while you may have never thought of giving yourself a creative gift like this one, it might come in handy when you forget how much you’ve grown as a person.

So, again our Sketchbooks proved to be the best guiding light on our path to greatness & we developed new neuro-pathways to have a little more faith in ourselves along the way.

Next time, when we try to jump into new habits to create a new self,

our Sketchbooks can come back to play again & the mind-body connection cannot prevent us from pushing through those self-imposed obstacles.

Follow your bliss instead & deal with yourself first by being present in those Sketchbooks, no matter how ‘ugly’ you may think the pages are today!

Tomorrow, you may need them to light the way forward!

As a reminder, the “Sketchbook Retreat” contains my go-to lessons that I often implement to assisting my relaxation process & as a means to release what is ready to be released.

The free-flowing watercolours with the natural elements are implemented inside many of my Sketchbooks to unwind my mind & prepare to be at ease with myself.

Inside the free Sketchbook Retreat, I share the easiest & most gentle methods - to release the energetic dissonance

- let go of overthinking

- banish negative thoughts & become clear on your creativity

& for the most part, be kind to yourself

When we have taken care of ourselves, we are less triggered by the day-to-day dramas & we can easily adopt our everyday life to aligned in creative ways. The Sketchbook Retreat can be used by anyone, even when you do not have a Sketchbook, I’ll show you an easy one to make from one sheet of paper.

You also do not need any drawing talents, because you’ll be using the casting shadows of a branch or twig form your garden or an artificial plant you may already have in the house.

I’ll provide you with ample time to unwind your mind.

The process is yours to enjoy in any way you like.

Gather your supplies & find the moments where you can

surrender to your Serenity & Bliss

On a side note:

In the past 6 years, I’ve included essential oils in my relaxation sessions & cannot begin to tell you how much the essential oils have elevated my senses. I’m constantly astounded by the power these natural remedies have on our minds. They add to my creative work on so many levels that I actually completed a course of self-studies around the workings of the olfactory systems in the human body with some interesting findings. To get you started, I would recommend starting with Lavender Essential Oil, it has calming, relaxing & uplifting attributes & is one of the most affordable all rounders

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