Hot & cold colours

Colour plays a vital role in any painting. Whether you're using pencils to draw your subject or playing with a huge variety of colours in one painting. The palette selection can easily be manipulated to represent a happy and exciting scene to a more dreary and sombre scene. Yes, all of this magic can be done with a touch of hot or cold in the scene.

Warm or hot colours represent the warmer, more seductive and vibrant colours in the paint palette. Although every colour in any palette can be warmed up or cooled down, depending on your needs. But before we get too technical about how they can be adjusted, let's just look at this phrase "hot & cold colours" in regards to their traits as a whole. There are known warms like reds, oranges and yellows. Hot can be described as any colour version that are vivid, bold and bright, it also gives you a feeling of comfort and cosiness. Think of the warm colours as a reflection of the sun and the glowing amber's of a fire. Anything that has this hot glow and brightness to it can be considered a warm or hot colour.