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Joyful Creative Life Blog Articles
Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Begin to Nurture Your Joy as a Creative - PART 1

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

With many of us wanting to start up our long-lost passions, there comes a turning point when you decided to begin planning out a few creative ideas of your own.

But sometimes we need help. Some serious help from someone who was already a huge success. And just like that, I discovered my someone! Her name is among the greats in the Surface Pattern Design Industry & it is Bonnie Christine. She showed up in my life exactly when I needed her the most. It's funny how peoples paths cross for a reason...

Have I said how thrilled I am about this amazing encounter? Well, it's true, I adore Bonnie's entire philosophy & her work ethics. I trust her so much that I am going share my affiliate link with you so that you can also find her & The Secrets to Success

Be blown away by the Creative Career you can carve out for yourself. Here, in the next paragraphs I'll tell you how I nurtured my happy joyfulness in pursuit of a Creative Career while taking one of her free classes.

Maybe it’s just my way of thinking & you can let me know your thoughts below… but I find it much more appealing to make something great with the right tools than to struggle with the things that clearly are not working, right?

I knew that my happiness had to revolve around becoming really serious about what I could do in pursuit of a new career. I wanted to pivot from being a Sketchbook Lover & Artist to actually doing something with my drawings that expanded the regular every day stuff you see on other art channels. Even if my uniqueness only made sense to me or as long as it brings me inner joy!

Learning how to re-use my own art & create eye catching Cover images like this one was only one aspect of a whole Creative Career I longed for.

I felt a huge void in my life & it was the type of missing thing that a loving husband, beautiful children & worldly possessions couldn't fill... I knew that I had to fill that void with me & the things I loved... but how?

I wanted my life to mean something again...

I couldn’t be content with an ordinary way of life; I was longing to feel connected, creative, excited & above all else I was looking to become more successful than I've ever been!

"The tons of Art Supplies I wanted to try became hidden in drawers & the failure to use them made me feel even worse"

Andso, it began. I played in my Sketchbooks to find inner peace & a real connection. There wasn’t a place I didn’t use to draw inspiration from. The long road across the Nullaboor was a deepening of my inner trust as I finished an older Sketchbook on that journey. I did many hours of self-reflecting along the road with just the fresh air & the tail lights of my husbands’ VW Golf to focus on.

I emptied my heart from ugly things & began to leave behind the stuff that kept me from moving forward. Now I’m in no way saying that a trip like this with a Sketchbook, & many long hours on an even longer stretched out piece of land will help anyone else, but it made me fill the longing for connection with the flickering of joy. The pages of creative play, discovery & colour helped me feel a little happier, but it wasn't enough!

I think in a way it was the prospects of starting a new life & I suppose a few other things too, but these were the things that kept me going in the beginning. Until I stumbled across Bonnie Christine's Free Class, just like this one I'm sharing with you today. Just jump on the list as we are going to begin the Secrets to Success early in February 2022

Keep your eyes peeled for the emails after you sign up, because the videos & replays will only be showing until the 22nd of February 2022

CLICK ON THE IMAGE or any of the Pink links & it will take you there right away

So many times, I’ve seen human behaviours like addictions, bad habits & uncontrolled urges take hold of otherwise creative minds. As we give in to the nagging stuff we are trying to leave behind, it all begins to steel our joyful moments & keeps us from trying again. We give up on our dreams I forget about the things that made us happy in the beginning.

The good news is; the second we notice how our thoughts, we have the ability to make a new choice... Even now as I write this Blog Article, there is some sort of urgency to finish it up as I feel impatient with myself for taking so long to write these paragraphs... And that voice nagging me, is just the remnants of a former way of thinking!

I know now that I can make a new choice to find the things that make me feel more nurtured & appreciated while learning how to build on everything I learned from Bonnie Christine's Free Workshops

Do you want t know what she is covering in the Free Workshop? I thought you might! Guess what, I'm also excited because it is some of her newest contents & I know that she levels up every year & I cannot miss out on anything!!!

So, it is going to happen next week from Tuesday, the 8th of February (AEDT) with 4 videos & a series of Live Calls

This is what you’ll learn in the 4-part video lesson & Live Call series with Bonnie Christine (I still can’t believe that she is actually giving this information for free)

Video #1 - How to craft a career (& a creative life!) you love

Live Call - The 5 lies about a creative career

Video #2 - The essential stages you need to know to becoming successful

Live Call – How to avoid mistakes

Video #3 - How to Map out your personalized road-map to success (this is such a unique section & no-one else in the industry teaches this)

Live Call – Industry secrets!!!

Then it all leads into Video 4 - Creating real income as an artist & adding multiple streams of revenue (a true game-changer)

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw these video titles, because I know that Bonnie Christine levels up every year & that’s why I’m grabbing this opportunity to see what new contents she has added by joining this free workshop before it goes away.

All the videos will be available as replays that you can watch up until the 22nd of February 2022.

Of all the things I’ve come to appreciate over the last couple of months, the value of my time became very clear. There were many distractions when it came to what I did with my time until I had the Secrets to Success To be able to make the best of the tools I had & learn exactly how to immerse myself in Crafting my Creative Career was the one thing I deeply appreciated about the way Bonnie Christine teaches. I could control my time, have location freedom & work according to a plan that worked where I could see real results!

l acted on my dreams & became a successful Artist

& A Surface Pattern Designer!

Now that I've tasted success, I wanted my whole life to be about being a Co-creator of my reality & do Creative Career Entrepreneurs things just like she taught me. I know now that I'm responsible for creating my own joy every day & that I could literally do it anywhere in the world, even on holidays, because that is how much I LOVE my Creative Career!

I'll show you how we put up the wallpaper in my Studio office & to think that this stunning wallpaper design was just a Dandelion Dream a few month ago.

Because I didn't just create this one wallpaper design for my own Studio, but I designed a Sketchbook Journal with quotes, a complete Wallpaper & Fabric Design Portfolio & proofed 95 designs on Spoonflower in a years time, I wanted you to know that these & many more things can happen for you.

In just a few days, the team from the Colour in Your Life TV Show is coming to my Studio to film a documentary about my Sketchbooks, my Art & Surface Pattern Design Career. Can you see how amazing the Creative Career Path can be once you have the Secrets to Success there is nothing out of reach in regards to your endless Creativity.

The most adored part of it all is that I get to Fall in Love with my Creative Lifestyle every day!

Tomorrow morning is the beginning of a new day & I'm especially excited to be walking into the Studio & seeing my new Wallpaper design, "Make a Wish" greeting me with open arms. Take a look at this video where I close the door on today's work as I greet you with a sweet goodnight!

Reply below to let me know where you are on your creative journey. Find something joyful & become your own best friend.

See you soon


PS. I couldn't have done any of this on my own in such a short amount of time if it wasn't for Bonnie Christine & that is why I'm proud to be an Affiliate of the Bonnie Christine Brand!

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