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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

How deep do we dig before we hit the Diamonds?

"The Diamonds, aka, Your Uniqueness & Talents, was formed because of the heat & pressure you felt while living your life. Don't you realise, without it, there could not be any Diamonds to show.

If you don't turn on the heat & pressure just a little bit, you'll still be a lump of coal filled with potential, waiting for your life to happen!"

It's a hard thing to hear, I know. The symptoms of our fears can be remedied. Your Uniqueness must shine, it's you we need in the world. Your light that burns from your core, all you need is a little spark. A little bit of something to help you get the spark to ignite the coal that allows you to stoke the fire of desire & burn up the stagnation.

Right Click to Download, I created it Especially for You!
Note to Self - It's time for me to Shine

You see my dear Creative Soul, you've always had the remedy... Your Uniqueness is what makes You special. I always share my philosophy on standing out & never being a carbon copy of something or someone else.

You can be all you ever wanted to be,

by open the channels of creativity

& igniting the passions you are only dreaming of.

Your box of matches is right there...

For some it might still be a question of where the matches are... Or, the good old "who took my matches?" axiom. It's been a while since I read the book "Who moved my Cheese", I think that was back in 2012. Great book & you can read it in about an hour. But this story, your creative journey story, has an ever familiar similarity if you are standing among your hopes & dreams searching for the matches to light your fire!

I created a Workbook about overcoming our doubts & fears. It has a wildly powerful name that might scare you away, so brace yourself for the title: "Overcoming the Dream Crushing Weeds!" If you missed that Blog Article, don't fret. You can watch a little snippet here & find it in the link

Digging deep for those Diamonds & showing your talents to the world feels scary! It always feels easier to stay where we are. Fighting against change & wasting away our precious time. It's okay to be there n your comfort zone & hope someone is going to find you, but is that what you really want? Do you want to feel upset about poor sales, lack of focus, another day flying by all the while neglecting those talents & hiding those Diamonds.

There is something so spectacular about you & your creativity that you need to showcase! If it makes you happier & fills you with joy, isn't it time to start digging for those Diamonds & stop hiding the matches from yourself?

Even though the book, "Who moved my Cheese" is based on Leadership in general, the essence is about the things we want from life, our own lives, to be exact.

What do you want? Do you know?

Do you have something specific you feel like learning or is there a roaring pool of inspiration waiting to be birthed in the next few months?

Do you have some sort of direction? If you have a direction, is it where you wanted to be or are you following someone else's dream. Becoming aware of what you want, what's holding you back & seeing the truth we are very often blinded by, can bring you emergence of clarity. We need to become clear in order to carve out the path for the journey. Things don't just happen my friend, we have to step up & be brave. I have a suspicion that you have also been hiding from the world & escaping the rat trap in the hopes that tomorrow will be better, well, tomorrow can be better when we choose it to be.

No one moved your talents, no one hid them from you... my guess is that it's possibly hidden by the layers of weeds that you can work on with the workbook. If you need time to think, I suggest quiet contemplation with yourself & reignite or discover a more relaxed approach to what you love to do.

Guess what time it is!? It's weed pulling time, it's creative time & it is the time to start now!

Grab your copy of the "Overcoming the Dream Crushing Weeds!" Workbook & if you need some TLC first, why not take some time & be kind to yourself for a change. You are allowed to rest, recover & escape for a day or two.

The 'mini' Sketchbook Retreat is your's to enjoy too, so log in & grab your Sketchbooks, it's your's to enjoy.


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