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Joyful Creative Life Blog Articles
Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

How to maximise your Creative Career?

So, you are a Creative that loves making stuff.

Are you actively selling your end product somewhere, or are you letting your creative hands work for free?

Think about it in this way: If your Creativity was a job, would you work for nothing else but compliments, “thank you’s” & “that’s nice” comments? Of course not! Then why are you doing creative activities?? What exactly are you doing to make those hours of work worth something in real terms of value?

With value we can see it as the time we sat down to practice a technique that leads to a good result & in that case, you've reached the valuable part of such a practice in the form of knowledge.

Let's say you wanted to take some time to relax for a few minutes every day: You would sit down with your Sketchbook, art supplies & take those deep breaths while gently playing on a page. If this is your goal & you reached it, the value in it would then be your creative stimulation & a sense of relaxation. Objective achieved!

Yes, we may love what we do & gain back our sanity through creative pathways, but when we are passionate about all our needs, there is no other reward that speaks louder than the proof of success.

So, Last week we talked about "Why we don’t follow our dreams" & how we reach a turning point wherein we begin taking action on what we want our Creative Careers to look like.

Now I know many of you are here to find Serenity & Bliss, others joined the Andsodesigns community to learn how to become successful with a Creative Career & then there are friends who just want to keep on creating in their Sketchbooks. Although all of these are relevant & I love that we are making room for the additional aspects of Art & Creativity, as everything is connected in some way, there will generally speaking always be things that overlap in our lives.

Whatever you are doing now & enjoying is a testament to your personal journey. There is a place for just being your creative self & that can become something new. With a few changes you may very well be at some turning point in your life too. As we discover what we love, there may be other options to consider & it could take you on a new path... This implies then, that you are a little more serious about a Creative Career than you thought.

I wanted you to know that your unique reasons for following a Creative dream can be the gateway to a higher purpose in your life. One where you are in control of your outcomes & certainly better able to take any parts of Creativity & turn it into the easiest, most fun & playful way to earn an income...

Life will always bring along interesting ways to nurture our joy & push out the things we don't want anymore. It happens gradually & one day you'll just know your Art needs to be seen in the world. There is a simpler way to earn an additional income & it doesn't have to look like you are selling a low-budget-home-made mess from the midnight craft corner.

As a Creative Entrepreneur I’ve seen the highs-n-lows of my own journey over the last couple of years & one thing that continues to stand out is this!

"The more I cultivate my Creative Career into what I love doing, the more I become rewarded by surprise incomes on many different levels."

Fortunately, there are endless possibilities with the most interesting ways to earn additional income as a Creative & Artist. It may be things that include developing products from your Sketchbook drawings, your artwork & pretty much anything you can think of. The bottom line is this… You can only sell an original once & regret not charging the best price for it, or you could pivot it into different formats that can be sold in different markets across the world without you lifting as much as a single box to do so.

By selling original artwork in the traditional way, you still need a working strategy, maybe an agent can work for some of us, but not everyone wants to share their royalties with an agent. So, what if you became very good at marketing yourself & then determine your real worth & earn an above average Artists income from doing the things you already love doing?

I remember exhibiting in smaller Galleries while we still lived in South Africa… Every three months we’d have a turn-around where we could swap out our Artworks & pay the Gallery to display our works until the next turn around date. Sometimes nothing had sold & it felt disheartening to say the least. It was so passive at times that I could see the dust gathering on some of them & that felt deeply embarrassing at times... (NOT A GOOD)

But what if you only offered originals to your collectors & sold signed Art Prints to the general public at an affordable price? This will mean a steady stream of smaller incomes to every piece of Art you ever make & a sense of accomplishment because the sales will keep on coming in. Top that with the occasional exposure of Gallery exhibitions & you have a better working plan.

Pivoting your Creativity in a way that ensures your motivation stays strong & your bank balance looks healthy, also secures your Creative Career in more than one way. This increases your overall sales in unspoken volumes simply because it saves you time & effort while allowing for more time to serve your other endeavours. It’s like I always say, our Creativity needs to feed our Souls & never become a source of worry because we don’t know how to monetise our gifts.

Andso, right now I would love for you to look at a Celebration Section where I testify towards a few successes I had during the Immersion Course last year. My Testimonial is on the Celebration Page. Click on the Celebration Page link to read my Testimonial.


Then, under the Location tab >>> click Australia >>> then scroll down until you see my profile image & read all about it there.

I’m very proud of the Immersion Course as it truly contains everything from learning to use Adobe Illustrator to the actual step by step Modules for achieving greatness at every step of the way. With the Hundreds of Industries to choose from, we are all able to earn above average incomes from our creative work.

What is possible for me can be possible for you!

- In the recent months, I’ve had very interesting things happen to me. First off, Fifty copies of my Self-Published Sketchbook Journal was delivered to my door.

- Early February I was filmed by the Colour in Your Life TV Show where they created a documentary about my Creative Career path which is Surface Pattern Design, amongst other things.

- At a certain point I had to say no to invites to speak about this wonderful career & believe me, the temptation to do every invite is huge, but I also have to safeguard myself as I’m inclined to hug people...

- There are several licensing pitches sent out to my top companies with a particular interests in a very special opportunity I just can’t talk about just yet... (keep your fingers crossed) It's so mind-blowing that this thing is happening top me at this early stage, but I know how much care I've put into my Creative Career & it does pay off big time!!!!

From the beginning of last year I also began monitoring the actions I’ve taken to secure my future & through that the Sketchbook Lovers Membership was born. It is a work in progress & currently in it's Beta Phase with the Six Founding Members test driving everything for us.

I'll tell you more in a few days when I upload part 2. Until then... Keep on Creating a Beautiful Life worth living! We can "Overcome the Dream Crushing Weeds" & take back our lives with passion. Grab your copy of the life changing Workbook below.

Overcome the Dream Crushing Weeds
Download PDF • 6.99MB

Love Tanya


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