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Joyful Creative Life Blog Articles
Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

I've been thinking of Wonderful ways to help you develop your Creativity

From designing the Website to be completely interactive to adding a new Sketchbook Lovers Membership. The creative possibilities are endless.

Talking of creativity, you can now send the Perfect Gift Card to your Creative Friends & they will adore your perfect gift. The Gift Cards are redeemable for all our Products, online Classes & Workshops, Memberships & for Upcoming Events.

The new eGift Cards are here

They are available in $25, $50, $75, $100 & a generous $200 value

Perfect for the Creative Person in your life.

No cash payouts or returns accepted

I feel very happy about the lovely organised flow

inside the Sketchbook Lovers Membership

& the same care has been taken inside the smaller Free Creative Membership sections.

Did I mention we have two interactive groups too & as a Creative Member, you can join the Sketchbook Blossoms Group when you take the Sketchbook Blossoms Workshop.

The 2 week program is now self-paces which means, you can speed through the lessons & have your Sketchbook filled with imaginary flowers in no time!

It doesn't matter what skill level you are on or how many creative hairs you have...

There is something for you to discover & find. Being creative doesn't mean you have to create art. It implies that there is a certain part of you that loves to do things differently, it likes to explore the possibilities & most of all, your creativity can never be missing, it simply has not been nurtured.

Finding creative projects & art related videos, lessons, downloads & informative contents in one place is what the Memberships are all about.

I've mentioned the new Members Sign Up through the last two emails that went out to our current members, with the information & the general mention of the invite. Inside the Sketchbook Lovers Membership, we have the perfect opportunity to stay connected through the shared love of our creative pursuits, the well laid out weekly lessons & our live call relaxation sessions.

I'd like to show you the gorgeous Love Letter's I've Received

(remember, you can add your Love Letters by sending me an email)

CLICK ON THE Download Button

2021 - Love Letters
Download PDF • 345KB

We (I mean it's just me & we all know it, but I like the idea of wearing many hats), we, regularly have events happening & things going on for our Members. You can take a look at the Sketchbook Lovers Membership & The Creativity Membership schedules to catch up on what's happening inside. Click on the UPCOMING EVENTS TAB

Inside the Creative Membership, you'll have access to the Unlisted add free Videos & all the downloadable contents I've shared up to now, That is more than a Years worth of contents.

To check that out, click on the FAVOURITE LESSONS TAB

All these "Secret" sections are only available when you've signed up or logged into your free account. These are also exclusive to your Free Member's perks. Once you've found your way across the huge array of contents, you can be assured that the creative bug was woken up by the colours & soothing sounds of my voice in the videos...

Do you come here for the soothing sounds or is there something else you need from the membership? You can ASK ME ANYTHING by simply sending an email with the subject line

#ASK or Ask me Anything

I always respond as soon as I can by either showing you to the correct section, answering a personal question or adding your question to our discussion in the Live Call.

That's about all I have for you in today's Blog

In the Member's News Section below, you'll Find the November 2021 Schedule where you can take a peak at what we are doing this month. I'm off to do some research for next week & read through my new book, The William Morris Flowers, brought out by the Victoria & Alfred Museum. It is also the same book I showed in the October 2021 Live Call on the 28th. So many fun stuff happening inside the Sketchbook Lovers Membership, I do hope to see you inside very soon!

Love Tanya xo

PS: August & September 2021 are under construction as I'm adding some relevant content to bring the topics in line with everything that's been going on.

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