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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Immersion 2021 - dive into greatness

Most people who know me, have a somewhat vague idea of who I am and what I do. The challenge isn't to figure out what I do, because that is easy ;) Instead, it can be directed at "why I do?"

Why I wear my Pearls to the pool when I feel like it?

Why do I teach grown ups to relate to themselves, their creativity and set better goals?

Why I love to design gentle floral patterns when there is so many already?

There is no single response I can give you that can answer any of those questions, but on most days you can find me in my studio creating Art & a life worth living. Making the most of every opportunity while growing my skills. Why? Because I adore making the world a better place. All the Earth & all in it, including people need to feel loved, appreciated & cared for. We can make everything better with Art, I absolutely live it each day! Adding lovely things to our lives & bringing in beauty are just a few ways we get to be uniquely creative.

Many may wonder at this stage where this Blog Post is heading... Let me show you what I happened last week...

Bonnie Christine, my new friend, posted this image in our email over the weekend & my name is on one of those colour swatches!

And we can come with the next question...

Q: "Why did Bonnie write my name and place it on her wall?

A: "I made a better choice for my creative career when I joined The Immersion Course with Bonnie Christine, Class of 2021

All of those doubting questions can not always be answered in one satisfying, ground breaking answer, some need a story. But here is the beauty! You get to rewrite your story. You never have to stay stuck & you absolutely don't need to tell the same old story... just create a new one. Just like I did! Choose a new career, choose a new path & make the best of this year.

"Shedding the old & making room for yourself is a fantastic choice to make"

- Tanya J. de Wet

I know it's tough out there, but we have help. All the underlined links can take you to more information & places to find out what Immersion is all about.

Until then, if you need someone to hold your hand through the Immersion Course or if you are unsure if it is right for you? Then you can absolutely join hands with Anne LaFolette as she will be adding 5 Bonus Experiences to support members

throughout Bonnie's Immersion 2021 Course. Anne completed the Immersion Course & that makes her the perfect partner during the 8 weeks.

If you want to get on her list, click here for Immersion + Anne's Bonus Experience

As Anne would say: "It is never too late to create." So no matter what, you CAN reinvent yourself. Taking small steps forward is literally what you need to align with your dreams & aspirations. In addition to that, you'll gain so many new skills & continue to learn, Bonus + Bonus + Bonus!

Unsure?? Then do the mini course first, there is still time

Sometimes we must ask the difficult questions to receive the answers that will bring a huge pile of happiness our way without hording hopeless ideologies based on past experiences. Yes, those past experiences are there to help us grow & stand taller than ever before as long as we don't end up under the mess.

So, here is my final answer to all the nagging questions, the do-not-call-a-friend option;

"I do everything to celebrate my own happiness! Everything is because of an inner determination & pursuit of inner joy."

Andso we come to the point in time where you get to choose greatness for you.

Are you ready to ©Grow & Blossom? Go for IT!

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