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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Life will knock the Shizz out of You!

Navigating this thing called life can feel like rainbows one minute or like a barren winter lawn the next… Yet there’s a secret you need to know that is sure to help you find a beautiful outlook on it. And hopefully all before you're finished with this life.

You know the old saying, It’s never over until it's over?

I’ve described it in the 21-Day Mindful Sketchbook Practices Course like this... "From Your first inhale of oxygen to the last breath you push out into this world; You are here to live through everything! Experience this wild beautiful thing we call life in person. It won’t mean a thing, if you constantly escaped from Your Life through practices that left You empty or drained..."

Read all about the 21- Day Mindful Sketchbook Practices Course

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And it’s not about getting up to rise to days that are perfect either. Contrary, it’s about getting up & making the best of that day no matter what.

We cannot live our lives in the hopes that tomorrow will be better than yesterday.

  • We have to forgive others & ourselves

  • We have to take charge of the narrative in our mind

  • We need to re-write our story the way we want it

  • We must make it better ourselves

  • We must ask for the things we need!

The Secret thing you may be overlooking is that we cannot do it all at once...

But, we can do it with these insights:

Take one day at a time

Move one step at a time

Build one relationship at a time

Take on one project at a time

Work on one goal at a time

Live in one moment at a time

And use your time to hone in on one area of focus at a time!

A loosie-goosy approach is just going to confuse you more. Jumping around between ideas will confuse more Shizz out of you & create discomfort or in its extreme form it’ll get you stuck in that awful place called overwhelm.

The Shizz will come & go, but it doesn't have to be the story or Your Life, make the new story a priority. From the moment you open your eyes, make it possible to change. Get around to each little area of your Life until it feels so much better than before. Not because you were dealt “better cards” but instead because you played the hand you were dealt with in the best way possible.

It's worth remembering that everything is possible! If others could overcome dreadful things & make their lives shine, maybe it’s because they’ve found out what their strengths are while seeing that in it all (every part of the puzzle) does come together in the end. I would go as far as saying those things give you the chance to build the castles of your dreams. It strengthens your resilience to continue & builds firm foundations along the way. It doesn't matter if it was a love thing, a business thing, a life thing or a family thing, we can get up & build it all up again. Don't let the Shizz of Life stop you from being amazing!

There’s a song by Freya Ridings – "Castles" that might inspire you to heal a little part of your heart if you had a failed relationship…

I don’t know who needs to hear this song today, so I’m going to link the lyrics & the song for you.

The best part to take back from her song is the part where she sings:

“I’m gonna build Castles from the rubble of your Love.”

Find the Lyrics HERE & Find the full Song HERE

Whatever you do, make the rubble of your life count for something before the time runs out on you… and if you care enough about the direction of your life, create a new narrative as soon as you can, momentum will see you through.

Momentum is a force that holds a surge of energy & it gets things going in a way no-one can stop easily. The question you need to ask yourself is this:

“What am I giving momentum to, will it help or hinder my progress & growth?”

Tell me, do you have kids? Can you remember times when you noticed they had an energy going that disturbed your peace? Now that is called momentum! And what we tend to do these days is stop their momentum…?! Why I don’t know, because it teaches them that they must stop when things are fun! - - - - - - Please don’t do that to your kids anymore. Just redirect the momentum somewhere where they can express the fun in a safe way. Give them the confidence they will need when they grow up to follow through on their fun & make life happier.

Our lives might just start off looking like a disaster or a sequence of tragedy’s & believe me, I feel you on the Shizz that have happened to You during Your life so far. But consider what you have given momentum to?

What part of your life is better? Why is it better than the rest? Did you work on some kind of positive aspect around those limiting beliefs. If you are still struggling with limiting beliefs, why not get my Free Workbook “Overcoming the Dream Crushing Weeds” & improve your mindset instead of complaining about all the Shizz you must deal with.

Now my heart goes out to you today if your fun was always halted by a parent who didn’t understand that fun is the best thing for joy! But you are not that little kid anymore, you are more experienced, more in tune with your energy & able to direct all the Shizz as well as the fun you can still experience in your life. You just have to choose that today!

Stop stopping yourself from having a great time, stop holding yourself back from being yourself. Stop blocking your momentum!!!!!!

Start shouting out your little wins to the world as that act alone can become this most amazing shift of momentum for you. It’s like saying to the world, “Watch out world, here I come with all of my greatness!”

If we are constantly feeling like a victim, this is what it could all turn into. As little one’s some have been oppressed by all the shushing & momentum blocking. In the teens, wanting to break all the rules & shout out to the world; but that momentum was halted by hiding in a room with distractions. In their 20’s they begin to feel the urge to show up in life with a blast, but rarely take action because the flame was put out. By the time these people hit the 30’s that desire to be unique turned into a whisper that no-one can hear. You can probably see where this is going as the 40’s just has a compliance with all the Shizz & these individuals just let life roll over them… they don’t have a whispers or a flicker & like so many have a life without meaning.

Can you get out of that & shout back at the world with your uniqueness? Absolutely! If you are stuck in limbo, maybe that Free Workbook can get some momentum going, just like it did for Belinda as she mentions: "I have been having lots of A-ha moments thanks to you... with many personal compliments in between + a last insert... Again a massive thank you to you, my wonderful mentor"

& Susan B who was sceptical at first & now have layers of compliments that started with:

"I feel like I need to find my dream again but where to start looking for it. I don't think I had a dream until today when I remembered there was something I wanted to do when I was in my thirties and now I wonder how will I ever do it now? "

This Life will knock more than Shizz out of you if your mindset isn’t geared towards becoming your best version. So, what are we going to do? We are going to knock right back & put some momentum behind our heart-work & the things we ought to be doing, right?!

Did you realize how well you're doing right now in this moment? Well, If you’ve been focusing on the better thoughts & ticking off those little wins GET YOUR PRINTABLE HERE

Making new plans like we did in this month’s Theme for April 2023 in the Self-Mastery Membership (Perfect Project Planning) gives you a nudge in a direction where a new plan can turn those knocks into growth.

I’m trying out something new & this month’s new thing is to include “Updates” for specific areas, things, products or services I have in the working. So, here we go. I am sure this will help you find your way around the Website & get you into the contents you feel drawn to.


1. Self-Mastery Membership

Our “pretty email maker" was down for the April email, but I managed to gather everyone & send out individual emails to make sure you received your contents this month. I’m working on fixing that glitch & so far it looks like it will be good to go pretty soon.

Plus, we have the first ever Public Invite to Join the Self-Mastery Membership from the 1st of April to the 15th of April 2023, If you know anyone who will benefit from the contents or if you are new here & want to sign up… go right ahead HERE:

2. The Sketchbook Journal Weekly Roundup

Get the scoop on what’s been going on in the Sketchbook Journal!

We have some great engagements as one of our Members completed her very first ever Sketchbook Filled with Watercolour Blossoms. It was amazing to see her grow so much in such a short time. And I recently shared a 1 minute video on how to use Canva

3. We have Afterpay!

Yeasssss! We now have an Afterpay option which means you can easily afford to sign up for the Yearly Self-Mastery Membership or any other offer we have coming up.

This is how it works

OKAY Creative Hearts, may you have a great day & contemplate igniting that little flame to make sure your life feels like rainbows!

Happy Easter to all

Much Love

Xo Tanya

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