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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

My Life Changed & this is why!

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Keep in mind that some part of me still remembers my old self & how afraid I was to become the person who could earn an additional five figure income doing creative stuff every day while staying home for my stress free wellness & to be available for my family.

I didn't wan't just another hobby to fill the hours... Nope, I was in it to build a Creative Career that would make me feel worthy again. If you can recall the past few weeks contents that I poured out from my heart, you would have noticed how the story unfolds....

So, let me place one more piece of my life's puzzle for you to see how things fitted into my dream, just perfectly! I created a sequence of lessons I could refer back to when I felt less motivated or when I needed a teacher to guide me.

Maybe you also wanted more from life than a 9 - 5 stress inducing job! It wasn't easy & I certainly didn't expect to have gained so much wisdom along the way either. But I literally became my own Healer & Therapist as I began learning how to incorporate all my skills in a new career. But maybe it will be easier to understand when I begin from the beginning...

We as had a huge international dream. When an opportunity came about, we moved from South Africa to Australia. Herein, I reserved to free myself from stress for the next 5 years to be a stay at home Mom. I became an Art Therapist while contemplating the perfect timing to closed down my Hairstyling business & sell the Earth Fairy Body Care Product range to make sure we didn't leave behind any attachments.

You see, we had long term plans that needed many major sacrifices from both myself & Conrad

Now don't get me wrong, I always loved painting & taught myself fine art since 2015 when I took an Art Class to relieve tremendous stress in my life. I found something I wanted to keep on doing... but it had to have meaning or else I would just fiddle along in "hobby" mode.

So, I became an Art Therapist with some amazing prospects.

I held small gatherings with friends, neighbours & creatives who loved learning how to use art as a way to 'cope' with stress...

The plan was to move to Australia & begin an Art Retreat business with the focus on Whole Human Wellness. Little did I know our move would mean my certification & life-long career as a Hairstylist, Carer & Art Therapist would become nearly null-&-void thanks to international regulations.

I guess I could have submitted 26 years worth of documentation to become re-certified in careers I already held for years, but alas, I opted to reinvent myself with an online presence in a multifaceted Creative Career that could never again be dismissed by any institution or agency.

Literally carving out my own path with the newfound knowledge of how to create, manage & elevate my existing skills.

BUT HOW? How was I going to do that if my son wanted to move to the City & I was stuck in that one-finger-typing vibe where everything tech related scared the heebie-jeebies out of me!?

This image defines my version of "heebie-jeebies" which equals the apprehension of escalated tech horrors amongst other things...

ENTER THE NEW PHASE >>> Loading...

Become tech savvy at age 45. What? Actually learning to go online, build a website from scratch, figure out how everything fits together & very nearly quitting on my dream of becoming extraordinarily well versed in "tech stuff"!

...It must have been fun for Dominic to see me sweat over tech things he could probably do in his sleep! Then he moved away as we started the first version of Andsodesigns.

Darn It!!! What now? How was I going to figure this out? I had no clue, but I took every Wix Educational video I could find & learned & learned & learned... I think I am kind of an expert web designer as well ha-ha-ha

If that wasn't enough, we all know what an impact at home learning had on our children's lives, but I saw a huge opportunity open up for me... 2021 - 2022, Immersion entered my life & the next phase of our Great Plan unfolded like this:

While taking the Immersion course for the first time in 2021, I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator & began creating outstanding patterns. I put them together in collections & had the confidence to pursue this path further through smaller licensing partners.

By the time I completed Immersion 2022, I began implementing more of the strategies to elevate my Creative Career into something so unique that only I could fit into that role!

During May 2022 I published my first Quoted Sketchbook & it was magical to see how the puzzle pieces came together as each goal was set in motion. And even if things were slow, we had a plan. Both myself & Conrad were prepared for what was to come next!

As you can imagine, many things happened here & I had to keep a tight ship with all the small goals & little wins I nearly missed. This showed me how much I've actually grown... For this reason, I created a Wins Tacker that you can download today to keep for your small wins as this year goes along.

You'll be amazed at how quickly they stack up & become the Big Things in your life ;)

Just Right Click on the image & save it on Your device to print xo

Wins Tracker - Self-Mastery with Tanya

Lots of things happened. Opportunities came, some stayed, some worked & others failed. Money was invested in big things & time spent building our Great Plan contains thousands of hours in front of the computer screens.

Andso, it is now the beginning of 2023!

Learn more about what I Created for us this Year here:

My favourite new addition is "Overcoming the Dream Crushing Weeds" Grab Your Copy here:

Or Take it to the next level & do the Workshop:

Here I am today, living the exact carefree Life we were dreaming of.

Two years ago, it all came together like a puzzle thanks to the additional skills Immersion brought into my itinerary. The beautiful Immersion Course contents Bonnie has generously provided through each lesson has given me an elevated advantage above my Peers & I'm proud to say:

"My unique career would have been lost in the masses if it wasn't for the practical lessons I could apply to elevate it into something unique."

And remember, if we could do it, so could you!

Much Love

xo Tanya

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