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Joyful Creative Life Blog Articles
Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Nurturing Joy as Creatives - PART 2

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

One Year ago, I could never have imagined how much I would love being an Artist & Surface Pattern Designer. Falling in love with your Life & Creative Career seems like something only fairy tales are made of...

Until you find someone who can hold your hand & show you the way so clearly there will never be a turning point once you've seen the light. Bonnie Christine was that light for my Creative Career. I trusted her process & achieved one of the high points of my Artist & Surface Pattern Design Career by the end of 2021. Just last year, I carved out the exact Creative Career I always wanted & that's why I'm so proud to be a Bonnie Christine Affiliate.

The moment I realised that her blend of skills could bring me closer to fulfilling my dreams & build a Creative Career on multiple levels, I was hooked. I just had to take in all the Free Workshop Contents. It was the best use of my time as the Secrets to Success Skills Her guidance gave me something akin to pure joy. I knew I could learn a lot form her & I did, in a big way! While finding the joy was the beginning, I had a front row seat in seeing how it turn into a full time Creative Career that is very successful.

Can you imagine carving out a Career from a few hopes & dreams & then seeing it grow right in front of my eyes? Well, pinch me now because it happened!

Remember this truth today...

"You don’t have to go out & learn everything in one day; you only have to do one thing every day that can move you forward! After all, every empire is built one brick at a time & you can build yours too."

At the end of that first week, I was over the moon as it seemed that the creative bug kept on nibbling at me. I could feel the possibilities open up & began seeing myself as the Artist I always wanted to be; the creative, successful & very happy Artist with a particular fondness for florals. I began thinking of the possibilities as I asked myself out load: "What if I could make my own wallpaper & fabric?"

Now, one year later I've made the biggest leap towards accomplishing one of my all time dreams. With a Portfolio filled with the designs I loved creating & a selection of completed projects to be proud of, I'm now a full time successful Artist & Surface Pattern Designer with one of the most unique Creative Careers in the world. All thanks to that first step towards discovering the Secrets to Success.

I remember being so afraid to try & build this dream for many years & now that I have, I actually wished I could take the leap of faith sooner. That is also why I wanted to add these insights to the Blog Articles to show you what the Secrets to Success has done for me.

From the humble new beginnings & happy hours filled with joyful creativity to give you the best focused methods to carve out the exact career you feel drawn to.

Here are the Secrets to Success Topics that you'll find most helpful to begin nurturing your Creative Career:

- How to craft a career (& a creative life!) you love

- The 5 lies about a creative career

- The essential stages you need to know to becoming successful

- How to avoid mistakes (the best head start any creative could ask for)

- How to Map out your personalized road-map to success (this is such a crucial part & no-one else in the industry teaches this)

I also know that Bonnie is going to reveal a few Industry secrets

And the topping on the delicious Creative cake will be Creating real income as an artist & adding multiple streams of revenue (this was a true game-changer for me)

It is so important to nurture our creativity & be our own best friend these days as the world can be harsh when you are building a Creative Career you can trust in, even when no-one else has any clue what you are doing.

Doing what you love takes courage & bravery, but that is what will ultimately bring you the most joy. Once you are doing what you love to do, everything else becomes so much easier & begins to flourish like we are supposed to.

Enjoy discovering what you want to become... there is a whole world of possibilities for all of us & what you love doing has a place in the world. As a little deeper insight to how my career started, I'd like to share an extended video with you from the Love & Life series, this is part 2.

I am enjoying so many of the creative things I get to do every as an Artist & Surface Pattern Designer. The colours, patterns & endless possibilities are pouring out from my heart as I live every day in a Creative Lifestyle I carved out according to what I Love doing.

Check out my socials so you can see the progress on the Studio Wallpaper to update those bare white walls with my personal touches & the "Make a Wish" wallpaper design. Being captivated by my Creative Career is the pinnacle of joy & I would love for you to awaken your creativity too. I'll update today's Blog Post with the video about the last night of January when we just finished setting up the new Studio & I had a few moments to look at everything up close. I know I shared it in the previous Blog Article, but here it is again.

Now this is important: Once you’ve registered, keep an eye on your inbox for Lesson #1 to arrive on the 7th of February (The 8th if you live in the AEDT timezone, like me). It’s only going to be available for a limited time, so be sure to sign up, watch the lessons as they come out... & get super excited about your creativity!

Until then, I wish so much Creative Happiness for you. We'll meet each other there as I'm not letting the new contents slip under the radar... I want in on the good stuff!



P.S. Do you have a creative friend, a child or know of someone who might enjoy this Free Workshop? Then just forward this Blog Post to them so they can join us, too! Or better still, with their permission of course sign them up with my Affiliate link. They'll thank you later, besides, it's a FREE WORKSHOP & a whole lot more interesting than a bunch of old movies you've seen 10x

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