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Joyful Creative Life Blog Articles
Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Nurturing Your Happiness

Updated: Mar 24

Over the past months I’ve taken every message to heart. You've been hearing Your Hearts & I've been reading Your stories.

Thank You for sharing Your Journey with me, You have no idea how much I appreciate being part of Your Life. I know how a vulnerable feeling can be, especially if we are being vulnerable about something we love doing.

Your bravery to reply to emails shows me where Your heart-space wants to be & that gives me real feedback as to where I can help You even more. Of course Your willingness to begin a Journey of self-development & growth can only lead to greater outcomes. Here in the earlier days of a Creative path, You may feel that some things are unexpected or even surprising, but now You can begin to notice how so much of what we do every day is actually connected to our growth.

Knowing what You need & asking for what You want is a great place to start rolling over the negative beliefs & somewhat outdated feelings of not wanting to bother someone for help.

Now, having said that, I am happy to also announce that one brave lady happened to ask about the next opening dates for the Self-Mastery Membership!

The Blog Articles & Videos don't always show what is available inside the membership & maybe it's time to take you behind the scenes & show you what is waiting for you when you decide to join me. So, for this Blog Post, we can take a look at a little negative belief & I'll share more on the membership before the end!

What is the Self-Mastery Membership for?

It is a space for Your Creative Hearts to Fall in Love with Your Life while You learn how to Blossom & Grow!

For the past couple of years I have poured my knowledge into the Self-Mastery Membership with many useful strategies to incorporate creativity into your life...

a) To learn more about your humanness...

b) And to help you see how something like a Sketchbook Practice can change everything!

A creative approach to life will open up opportunities you could only ever dream of because the combination of our logical reasoning minds & our creative minds is fundamental to problem solving. These problem solving skills develop over time & not many people have these abilities naturally anymore simply because our lives are run by stress, worries, bills & the ever present distractions.

We can take another look at the usefulness of my Free Workbook, "Overcoming the Dream Crushing Weeds" Get it HERE to see how I was able to weed out personal turmoil, unnecessary stress, unsolicited fears, my limiting beliefs, negative thoughts & the overwhelm of life with a renewed focus on my goals.

I learnt how to manage this wild beautiful mind of mine with Mindful Sketchbook Practices & a splash of watercolour by implementing the 21-Days Mindful Sketchbook Practices into my mornings so that I can start each day with a little creative habit that helps me think straight.

Which brings me to the 21-Day Mindful Sketchbook Practices Offer!

This is what it's all about:

Breathe, find balance & begin in total ease to master at least the first few minutes of your day. You'll welcome in your inner voice, play with creative ideas, build valuable practices within the 21 days... With guidance, notes, images, writing & daily videos to help you create your path to inner joy. In your Mindful Sketchbook Practices you'll nurture yourself for a few minutes each day before anything else disturbs your peace. It gradually helps you to work towards a daily practice of small actions when you guide your natural rhythm to allow for some quiet time with less chaos. Releasing all the tension helps your heart feel guided towards what you need the most. Allowing a natural discovery of your deeper feelings; never pushing, only nudging forward gradually. We'll practice this type of 'slow living' by becoming fully immersed in small daily practices to lift you into empowerment.

Every single Lesson is geared to move you towards having an inner-understanding of your wellbeing, finding ways your mind can work for you & utilising the tools to develop a creative outlet so that you get to live a happier life filled with joy!

Now, I am adding the beautiful 21-Day Mindful Sketchbook Practices Course

as a pre-event for the Yearly Self-Mastery Membership sign up.

You can certainly still take the 21-Day Mindful Sketchbook Practices Course on it's own without joining the Membership for a Year, although the value is unmistakably over the top.

Click HERE to find out more & if you wanted to take the 7-day free trial that includes the first 7 days of the 21-Day Mindful Sketchbook Practices & the introduction to a few of the sections in the Self-Mastery Membership, I'd be happy to let you in right away!

Some of the Self- Mastery Membership's Monthly Workshop Themes & Topics

You can look forward to as a Full Member are listed below:

- Know Yourself First

- Develop Personal Qualities of an elevated Mind

- Develop Soul Qualities

- Focus Your Energy on what Matters most

- Add Creativity & Bliss into Every Day

- Let Your Ideas work for You

- Learn to Love You Life

- Release old Habits

- Clear out Frustrations

All geared to Find Joy in small little habits to help you

Fall in Love with Your Life because it's worth it!

Exclusive Full Access to the Full Self-Mastery Membership Contents Include:

  • Downloadable Images, Quotes & Photography

  • Templates, Workbooks & PDF Sheets

  • Monthly Themes & Topics to help You Grow

  • Weekly interaction for Personal Development

  • Art Master's Studies

  • Art Concepts & Video Tutorials

  • Meditation Sessions

  • Mindset Activities & Motivation

  • Sketchbook Tutorials

  • All the Monthly Replays

  • All the Archived Contents from 2021 & 2022

  • A Mobile App to stay connected on the GO

  • Automatic Reminders

  • Easy to use Platform

  • Collect the Monthly Quotes (Digital Version)

  • Special Discounts on Products

  • Exclusive Retreat Invites

And I'm sure you'll find beautiful benefits when you Read more about it HERE!

You'll find a Connection between Your Mind, Hands & Heart to finally figure out how beautiful this Life can be if we have a better inner-understanding of it...

Discover the Secrets of the Masters before us with a little Art Section & a multitude of Sketchbook Practices where You can decipher the colour wheel, learn how to use skills like, Making Your own Sketchbooks, using Story Boards to lay out a new plan for your future, discover picture book ideas, learn about the colour wheel & mixing Pinks & Greens... just to mention a few!

The 21-day Mindful Sketchbook Practices is a Course in itself. Adding it to the Self-Mastery Membership for the Yearly Sign-ups is my biggest gift to my Community so far!!! It is only available for the Yearly Self-Mastery Members as a Bonus for Signing up & being willing to take their Joy seriously (huge hug for You) I really poured my heart & soul into it & just know how much you'll love it too!

Your presence means so much to me as a community member. You can join in any of our discussions in the Sketchbook Journal Group & get involved in little chats with each other & me, of course ;) I'll keep you updated with the first ever public reveal of the Self-Mastery Membership on my Instagram stories (that also happens to auto post on FB) Stay tuned, that happens from now! I'm giving you the Self-Mastery Membership for a Year & you only have to pay for 11 month & still get all the extras + a Welcome Pack filled with Goodies in the Mail!

These are just a few of the Postcards You'll receive in the mail as a Yearly Member!

If you know anyone who would benefit from any of the posts you loved, please share it with them. Have read the new Blog Article yet?

Want to Join a Free Workshop? Head on Over to the Programs Page Here:

SHARE all the JUICY Freebies from the Quick Links Page:


To make sure I always send out emails you want to read, please reply today to let me know what topics you want more information on...

Mindfulness, Sketchbook Practices, Self-Development or Something Else

I love to hear all about your Journey & all the heartfelt messages, replies & reviews are always appreciated, thank you!

Much Love

xo Tanya

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