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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Our very own October challenge: #FLORALTOBER

This Year I have something new for you & it is based on a drawing tradition I participated in during the month of October.

For the past 4 years I've taken part in the drawing challenge called "Inktober", although I broke away from the prompt list every time. The Inktober Challenge was originally created by Jake Parker & it is still a very sought after challenge to participate in. The supplies are basically a Sketchbook, Ink & your interpretation of the daily prompts. For a whole month, you draw each prompt on the list & share it on your social media... at least that is what most creatives do.

Since we have our own community, I wanted us to have our own prompt list based on the Sketchbook Lovers Membership & our love of all the beautiful flowers. This year our challenge will be officially known as FLORALTOBER & for 2021, also as FLORALTOBER-2021 will

After consulting with the current group members, we decided to create "FLORALTOBER". So, this year we are kicking FLORALTOBER off with our own prompts list based on all kinds of Flowers from gardens & fields. We can now use the following hashtags to share our work:

- for any creative projects & Sketchbook related images, use #andsocreative

- for any Sketchbook drawing, painting or page you want to share, use #sketchbooklovers

- for the daily prompt in the FLORALTOBER challenge, use #floraltober

I'll be following up on these on the social media platforms & we can all like & share some love for our creative community & their posts. If you want to tag me in your posts, use @tanyajdewet and show me what you've created, I can't wait to see you inside the challenge with lushes flowers on every page.

Everyone always asks about the rules & here they are:

Use a Sketchbook of your choice, or make the Folded Mini Sketchbook, the raw unedited video is just below this section. The complete video is inside the Sketchbook Lovers Membership in the "Handmade Sketchbook" section, it has all the frills, comments and handy tips as well as the links to the Arches paper we used.

Use the supplies you have, like these one's... Ink, Drawing Pens, Watercolour, Colour Pencils or anything you want, just have some creative fun.

Kathryn & I each made a Mini Folded Sketchbook, if you'd like to make a Folded Mini Sketchbook with 32 pages, you can watch the raw video right now! There is enough room to have a cover design & have a page for every day of the month.

I know we are a little bit late to the party, although I have to mention that we only decided yesterday to create our own prompts for the world wide drawing event taking place in the month of October & ours is FLORALTOBER! We've added some really special Flower prompts that pull at our heartstrings & we are sure they will inspire you to be creative with a variety of methods & supplies. You can catch up on the few days in your own time & the prompts will be there for you to just feel inspired to draw some pretty florals with the art supplies you already have.

As this weeks "Meet me in the Studio" Video is already available to watch on my YouTube Channel, link in orange, Floral Cover Design for "Floraltober": The Folded Mini Sketchbook we can show you how to decorate your Folded Mini Sketchbook Cover.

And if you are not ready to draw yet, then use the prompts to gather some image resources from the web. Share your finds in the Sketchbook Lovers Group with links, maybe add some of your own photography & have fun.

To download the FLORATOBER Prompt List,

simply right click on the image & Save

It's completely free to our Creatives & naturally you can invite friends to join so they can stay up to date too!

The andsodesigns FLORALTOBER2021 Prompts List

Spur of the moments are wonderful

When we, Tanya & Kathryn(you'll learn more about her as we progress), anyway, when we decided to make a prompt list of our own, we took the opportunity to create something on the spur of the moment. Quickly folded a mini sketchbook & grabbed some watercolours & started painting right there where we sat for class. It goes to shows us how quickly a project can come together as we did everything, from first thought to cover designs for our individual FLORALTOBER Sketchbooks in under 1 hour. We've folded these Sketchbooks before & decided to use it instead of our regular Sketchbook Journals, simply because it is a perfect fit for a month long challenge. The Watercolour Video, Floral Cover Design for "Floraltober": The Folded Mini Sketchbook will show our process on YouTube this week.

We had a random chat while drawing & painting our individual covers, just like we regularly do in the studio on a day where we take some time to paint together. The best method to learn is to actually sit down & do the work. I've often expressed how easy things would be if we literally forgot about all the silly excuses of not doing something & take those few minutes to put our techniques, skills & tools to practice by actually doing the work.

I'll show you sneak previews as the days go on & you can look at what I get up to on my Instagram accounts @tanyajdewet & @andsodesigns

Be sure to share your pages, no matter what Sketchbooks you use with the hashtags #floraltober #andsocreative & #sketchbooklovers

Until next time, enjoy life xoxo

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