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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Overcoming Self Doubt & Creative Blocks

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Today, I share something really personal. The contents may even surprise you, as I created a rather brilliant solution to many problems. Make sure to read the whole Blog Article today as it is crammed full of Creative goodness.

I know just how soul crushing it can feel when we are not inspired to be creative or act lovingly towards our work, let alone draw something for the next project. It is difficult to get yourself out of that spiralling vortex of Self Doubt & the thought of drawing our favourite pretty florals are far beyond the reach you think can have in this very moment.

All too often those nasty bugs would infest my good intentions, just to annoy every hope I had of being brilliant in some way of form. I've had my share of Self Doubt, Self Sabotage, Unloving Thoughts, Procrastination & Creative Blockages, just to mention a few.

Every time I had to overcome these experiences, I used pen & paper... Go figure! These days I use my Sketchbooks to play & create the life I want. Playing feels much better than forcing yourself to produce the next Mona Lisa, doesn't it?

With a Sketchbook in hand & my favourite watercolours, don't worry about that, they are all my favourite. Maybe when I have my own "Branded" Watercolour Collection of Art & Creativity Supplies, I'll call them my favourite.

The Limited Colour Palette is exquisite, I had to pick out the very best options as every shade of the neutrals played so masterfully with the warm Cinnabar & cool Malachite Greens.
Plato's Republic Colour Palette

Anyway, getting back to this month's theme: Shadows... to create with shadows means to push the boundaries of darkness. This may sound like the latest scary movie to most, but look at the depths of an Old Master Study & you'll see that the depths or shadows are the very thing bringing the rest of the images & expressions to life.

Just look at the colour palette used by the Artist who created this painting of Plato. Can you tell me who painted it? Leave your answers in the comments below... <A little research project for you>

We can look at another favourite Artist, Caravaggio, he was known as the Master of Light! Here is a book Recommendation from Booktopia - it's not an affiliate link, I only share it because of the sheer brilliance & my intrigue with his work. Caravaggio. The Complete Works

Notice how the backgrounds disappear along with the least important elements. I do have a full Master Study coming up for Caravaggio, but couldn't resist adding these three images to spark your interest.

In November, this months theme & topics revolves around "Plato's Cave" & how the allegory can relate to how we perceive our own Art.

You see, we can sometimes be stuck behind an illusion of what we see... Do we really see the truth of where we are or are we comparing our progress with someone who has taken their Art seriously?

My view is that everyone looks at someone they admire & then try to emulate what they see with the knowledge they have now & before you know it, you feel disappointed with what you've created. If you've been around me for a while, you'll know that I always add a solution to the topics we discuss & make sure I help you to become your own best version in the process.

Here is what I suggest to you for Overcoming the Self Sabotage & other nonsense ideas we tell ourselves:

1) Download the workbook, but don't think for one moment this Workbook is only for the Artist. No, it is for everyone who has ever had their creativity sabotaged by negative thinking or any other personal limiting ideas we've become so easily attached to.

2) Next, watch the short video I made for the Sketchbook Lovers Membership.

We all (the 6 founding Members) were in perfect agreement that we could share it with you, the Creativity Group Members. The information in the Workbook, "Overcoming the Dream Crushing Weeds", has already brought me closer towards the dream life I wanted & added an array of solutions to many of the Self Limiting beliefs I used to have, even before I became an Artist.

How does the old axiom go... Wisdom comes from costly, and actual experience! The Workbook is exactly what we can call Pearls of Wisdom.

The motivation to create this Workbook came about when Kathryn also had to overcome some of her own beliefs & find a pathway to successfully pitch an email to apply for a vocation & then help her build confidence to work with a live audience while drawing the patron's likeness. Talk about pressure!

As we spent weeks preparing for the event, nurturing confidence & tutoring towards capturing each facial expression with over pronounced features, just like the funny Caricatures we see in famous Journals. She excelled as every lesson pushed her towards the 'finish line'. Kathryn showed up for herself in a spectacular way. We call it her Caricature Gig!

It turns out that she could spend the fancy Nine Course Gestation Gala Evening with people who adored her work. With the support of James, who knew every person there, (or so I heard) right up to the point where she drew her final Caricature for the Gala Event & sent me a message saying this: "It went amazing!!! I have so much to tell you tomorrow, I'm so excited!" All the fears disappeared & she had one of the proudest moments of her life. Isn't is amazing how we can become great at something when we can step away from fear & take on the so called difficult things in our lives & shine with gratitude at what we've overcome.

I'm sure you'd like to see Kathryn's Caricatures, drawn from life with about 4 weeks of one on one Coaching. She has massive amounts of talent & I foresee a bright future for Kathryn as she turns her passions into a thriving Creative Career.

These practice Caricatures were drawn from a video with a Wedding Reception. Kathryn's exercise was to capture the guests while they were socialising around their tables.

Believe me when I say this;

I do push people to become their best versions, gently

toughening them up to face all manners of adversity.

It's a very well known fact that I had much adversity to overcome & because of it, have the skills to help others with Knowledge & Wisdom by my side to deliver a new perspective on creativity.

Maybe that is why I gave this Workbook such a strong title...

I remembered needing a hand to hold, someone to guide me with the most helpful information, but when I reflect back & realising that I could gradually let go of that helping hand & become my own best version.

Today, I'm extending my helping hand for you in the form of a Workbook.

Overcome the Dream Crushing Weeds
Download PDF • 6.99MB

Download the "Overcome the Dream Crushing Weeds" Guide & sit down with yourself to figure out what it is you need to resolve right now!

The Workbook is filled with all the information I used to overcome my own fears as well as some of the additional strategies I implemented to help Kathryn.

The video is another part of this month's Sketchbook Lovers Membership & we are so over-joyed to share it with you too.

Every month has had it's own unique "Tanya Touch" as I like to show up for my Creative Community in ways that can relate to every ones tastes & their specific needs, like the elements Kathryn needed to see her project through from start to finish. Every week of every month has a piece of the puzzle to bring the topics & themes together before we incorporate the next month's contents to create continuation in our pursuit to literally wash away the dust of every day life, with our creativity & uniqueness"

You see my dear Creative Genius, we must use the Shadows to help us shine our Creative Lights a Little Brighter. Never be afraid of trying or failing, it will all work out exactly the way it must!

Love Tanya


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