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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Paint Four Healing Plants

We all need a little help from time to time, whether it's for painting quick Studies in your Sketchbook or discovering the healing powers of nature. These four plants have some powerful healing properties to discover. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to incorporate them into our lives, both for their beauty & healing. I've been using Essential oils and Natural remedies for many years and my love for the many healing benefits of plants rolled into a product range dedicated to Body Care products, Natural Soap recipes and a Luxury bathroom goods selection. The products were lovingly prepared by my hands and each one was part of the final three year journey, before we relocated to Australia.

Anyway, here is the short rundown of the four plants we are discussing today.

But first, here is the video where you can learn some basics of quick watercolour studies in your Sketchbooks. Accompany that with the full Blog Post on what plants I've use almost daily during my holiday. It is filled with information I knew and more in depth information I discovered during this research session.

The Four Healing Plants we are going to Paint & discus are Aloe Vera, Echinacea, Lavender & the humble Cosmos.

For the "Paint Four Healing Plants with Watercolour" video I added a jam packed Blog Post with useful information about these four Healing Plants I’ve selected.

The video for the Ultra Compact Palette and another video where the same palette is used was the Giant Cockatoos that live free here in Australia & visit our gardens often

I’ve really enjoyed working with this limited colour palette so far. The colours are versatile & mix together in a way that create interesting colour options for landscapes.

The Aloe Vera Flower Essence is a much-needed extract if you are burning the candle at both ends & are overworking yourself.

Aloe Vera flowers are a useful remedy for when you have over extended your energy, feel drained and have a low immunity system. This Extract is perfect for days when you feel exhaustion setting in & need to unwind your mind.

Aloe Vera flower essence harmonises the bodies energy field and soothes the soul by balancing a stressful lifestyle with nature. The Essence in the powerful floral spears helps to create a flowing of renewal and rejuvenation to assist in restored resources from within. When your energy is restored you have new enthusiasm & can return to creativity and draw from within the relaxed soul.

The Latin Name for the Essence is Aloe Vera. This doesn't come as a surprise because everyone uses the proper name.

The Echinacea Flower Essence is known for its beneficial effects on the immune system.

Studies found that it combats infections and viruses, which could help you recover faster from illness.In a test-tube study, an Echinacea purpurea extract was shown to suppress enzymes that digest carbohydrates. This would reduce the amount of sugar entering your blood if consumed orally. Other test-tube studies found that echinacea extracts made cells more sensitive to insulin’s effects by activating the PPAR-y receptor, in this study, the particular receptor works by removing excess fat in the blood, which is a risk factor for insulin resistance. This makes it easier for cells to respond to insulin and sugar. Wow, what a brilliant discovery for the Purple Cornflower.

Anxiety remains to be a common problem that affects one in five adults. In recent years, Echinacea flowers & plant extracts have emerged as a potential aid for anxiety.

Research has discovered that echinacea plants contain compounds that may reduce feelings of anxiety. Well, I’m no medical expert, but research & actual test results speak for themselves.

Inflammation is the bodies natural response to deal with cellular health issues. When inflammation gets out of hand it may raise your risk of chronic diseases and other health problems. Echinacea compounds helped reduce important inflammatory markers and memory-loss caused by inflammation.

Echinacea prove itself worthy in another 30-day study. Taking a supplement containing Echinacea extract significantly reduced inflammation, chronic pain and swelling in over 85% of cases. Interestingly, these adults did not respond well to conventional non-steroidal inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) but found that supplementing with Echinacea Extract to be more helpful in managing the effects of their pain.

A topical application of Echinacea Flower Essence showed significant improvement for eczema symptoms and helped repair the skin’s thin, protective outer layer. I even read that it can reduce wrinkles by up to 25%, but it doesn’t last as a ‘shelf’ product. Maybe we must rub the petals on our crow’s feet for deep skin penetration & wrinkle healing.

My research around Echinacea has given me more than I anticipated & is absolutely going to be added to my arsenal of Natural Remedies.

Lavendula, lovely Lavender, what more can I even say about the everlasting wonders of this miracle plant.

Many books have been written about Lavender as it washes away one’s troubles in a hot bath & clears your energetic field. Many healers use it to soothe away and heal a shattered soul…

Fast facts on lavender are pretty clear even when it comes to Western practices & Modern Medicine.

Lavender is grown successfully Australia, Africa and the Mediterranean mountains, often for extraction of its essential oils and harvesting of the dried blossom buds & leaves.

The natural health & medicinal benefits of using lavender oils to treat anxiety, fungal infections, hair loss, and wounds have been very well documented.

Evidence does not yet support the use of lavender to treat depression, high blood pressure, nausea, menstrual pain, or eczema, among other conditions although it’s been used for centuries.

One of my most favourite people who revolutionised the Lavender Industry is Margaret Roberts. Margaret has lent her name to product ranges including food ranges, toiletries, gifts, kitchenware, stationery, textiles, seeds and books. The Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre is known to be one of the top ten gardens in South Africa. Margaret is well known for her Margaret Roberts lavenders which she cross cultivated over 15 years and which is endemic to South Africa, also known for her Ginger Rosemary, High Hopes Basil and Margaret Roberts Rose, all of these varieties are named after her. She was a qualified physiotherapist and has received a Laureate Award from the University of Pretoria for being one of South Africa's first organic farmers.

An Australian Icon in the Lavender Fields is KOOROOMBA, they grow perfect Lavender supplies in the hot humid Australian climate with great success.

Escentia Essential Oils is by far my first choice for Natural remedies. They are as pure as nature intended, farmed ethically & sustainably. The entire range from Escentia Essential Oils was my main supply for the heath & healing realms of Body, Mind & Spirit Care.

The Cosmos Flower Essence is a useful remedy that brings joyful connects & elevates your thought process.

With a very high concentration of anti-oxidants, the Cosmos has a lot going for itself when it comes to medicinal usage & many natural healers are optimistic about their abilities.

It enhances inspiration, focus, and clarity in thoughts and has proved itself to be very useful as a support for speaking one’s mind clearly and assists in creative writing. If you have an inspiration or creative block, the Cosmos Flower Essence can unblock your thoughts and the create a connection between heart and mind.

If your mental chatter feels like chaos & you lack the ability to connect to your deeper thoughts and find your visions clearly, then Cosmos Flower Essence is the oil for you.

This unique Flower Essence may be a good essence to assist introverts and those who have difficulty sharing their true thoughts easily. While adding to personal thought processes and an abundance of clarity, the Cosmos Essence has proved its worth in my kit. Further medical insights regarding this humble Pink Daily-like roadside beauties has left me astonished at the diverse nature of such a simple yet magnificently healing plant.

The Latin Name for the Extract is Cosmos bipinnatus & the additional research was done on Cosmos caudatus

Images courtesy of

hare some of the information with you while we paint very quick & loose versions of them.

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