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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Paint from your imagination...

...while following the cast shadows of an artificial leaf.

Once you've spent some time with me it becomes obvious how much I adore nature. I truly believe that we must do as little harm as possible while always leaving a places we visited more beautiful than before we arrived.

AND that is another reason why I prefer using artificial plants to draw from when I'm stuck inside. You see, I mostly venture outside to gather inspiration for my watercolour projects & designs. But when it isn't possible to head out for any reason, at least I'll have a vase full of leaves to touch, swirl in my hands & use for the imaginary leaves. Or any other subject matter, even floral or objective. Having a longer access period with an artificial plant grants me so many more opportunities to draw, explore & paint any given subject from all angles and in any type of light.

In the video I show you what I mean when I draw a subject with the use of a light source. It is one of my most used resources and something I teach all my students.

With so many facades to draw from while interpreting your imagination it turns into a game of invention. Creating the leaf shape you want to draw instead of copying what's in front of you. Interpretation of each subjects is far more valuable during the learning process as every leaf you come up with becomes a unique piece of Art from your hand... never before seen and a one of a kind imaginary piece. Isn't that what we are striving for in Art and in life, to create something fresh and inspiring to adorn our lives with and not simply a copy of something that already exists.

You see, while I was learning Art theory & concepts, doing Master Studies and painting exact replicas of things, I didn't have as much satisfaction as I do now that I've been honing in to 'drawing' from what I see, then drawing it on to beautiful paper, well actually I mostly draw and paint on 100% cotton to be precise. The surface of cotton paper lends itself to the sensuality of an Art Practice to build on.

One thing remains, the love of creativity only develops when you are an active participant in your creative career. Growing as an Artist takes time and constant practice. Make the best of your talents by using what you have to build your style and methods to reach your creative goals.

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