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Joyful Creative Life Blog Articles
Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Photography Creates Joy!

When was the last time you had professional photo's taken? My guess is around the last time you dressed up for your own wedding... If this is the case case, read on as I show you the behind the scenes footage of our recent photoshoot at Sale Botanical Gardens.

There are more to see in his gallery & you can head on over as a Guest where Ben Fohdo shares a few of his favourites from our session.

And guess what? I'll give you access to check them out yourself ;-)

I've done other Blog Articles about overcoming Camera Shyness, and you can totally head on over there to read that one at some stage, but having professional photography done like this is something totally different.

Setting in nicely while the photographer guides you is when your photos will shine. The big secret is to get you to relax! One's you are at ease, the photographer does their thing & magic happens...

Just like when this fairy tale story came life...

Adding beautiful photography with Ben's iconic Crisp Vintage theme was something I knew I wanted from our first email. Then when Ben created an array of amazing shots to add to our website, it confirmed my choice to use him 100% & it was a fabulous choice!

Ben showcased my story with grace & delighted us with more than we expected.

It was actually really lovely to step into his relaxed vibe & that is shy I suggest getting relaxed before you start. An informal picnic at the park, or like we did at the sale Botanical Gardens just put me right at ease during our photoshoot last Saturday.

Thanks to great communication throughout our session & even afterwards when I needed help with signing into the Client Portal to download the photo's was great. I didn't realize how convenient the entire process was until I signed in & could easily download our images. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience as I could zoom in very close & see all the little details he captured.

If your last photos were taken on your wedding day or even your daughters wedding day, I would highly recommend having a session with Ben! Ranging from lifestyle photography where Ben can tell your story to the more extravagant commercial photography to promote your services or your brand. For all of these reasons & more, Ben would absolutely remain on my #1 list as the only person I would go to for capturing mesmerising moments like these.

He definitely made my story come to life!

I now have several images I can use to share all the lovely things happening in the Sketchbook Lovers Section!

Like this cover image for the Monthly Live Calls where you can ask me anything a day in advance. To see how this works, just pop on over there to check out the introduction video for the Live Call Sessions. I would love to see you there withe the next one on the 29th of December.

Yes, I know it is between Christmas & New Year, but I love what I do & I love sharing it with you in these free one hour sessions each month. Click on the Sketchbook Lovers Button to go there & take a sneak peak at what's on offer in this section for Creative Hearts...

But before you head on over there, have a look some of the behind the scenes photos Conrad & I took while we set up the scenes for the photoshoot on my Instagram

Until next time!

Much Love

Tanya xo

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