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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Pluck out that saboteur for good!

At times I have to say that I would rather get my hands dirty in the mud than sit & pick at the weeds in my Mind. If you know what I mean, today's Blog Article is going to help you with those weeds.

In the end, those are only thoughts of resistance & the little weeds that sometimes need the most work. They pop up every now & then to disrupt our lives, even after you've worked on them... that one can have many disruptive seeds that will come up from time-to-time.

Now I was sure resistance vanished from my Life until I woke up one random morning feeling like the world was upside down & all wrong. What was it that was causing these feelings again? So, as I set out to discover this feeling, I found it to be a little devil named "self-doubt" & she's was a stubborn little weed to get out. And while we are on this, let me just say that there may be more days where we wake feeling like self-doubt crept in again, but the secret is to dig it out often with a sturdy spade, starting at the roots & then filling that gap with the positive things you know to be true about you... there are many, if you only stood still long enough to see them & give thanks for them.

I often look at what is going on in my garden just outside my Studio window. With the seasons showing up the gorgeous tall pink March perennial's are in bloom with all their splendour. These March Blooms I love so much are actually poisonous... This Lily is a late Summer/Autumn flowering bulb that displays her prime around autumn. During the end of March nearly all of mine are out enjoying the sunshine. This beauty has graced my gardens before as she is the gorgeous Amaryllidaceae (Amaryllis) Belladonna native to Mother Africa, my Country of origin. She shows clusters of the most fragrant pink trumpet flowers on a "naked stem" & has layers of wide strappy leaves, almost like the leaves of the Agapanthus which is my other favourite bulbous plant that blooms a little earlier, around November to February

Anyway, much like me, they also prefer a warm sunny spots.

So, what does this have to do with pulling out weeds? To create a picture that we can relate to, I have named my Wild Beautiful Mind, "The Garden of My Mind" to show how we get to tend to what we allow to grow in there, nearly all my stories relate to some aspect of the natural world... there is so much we can learn from nature & the effortlessness with which she thrives.

Now, even if the Belladona Lily is poisonous, her benefits far out way her low poison severity which means she gets to stay in my garden.

But what if we encounter a weed in the Gardens of our Mind that is highly poisonous to our growth? How will we deal with it? Well, we need to identify it as the little pest it is... then, pluck it out roots & all! And in today's post I am talking about that little pest called "self-doubt", the not so great "Saboteur" within. Which comes from our inner negative self-talk & the ongoing dialogue we have with this bobble head puppet we give too much credit to.

No-one is to blame here, it's just the words we keep on saying & in effect believe about ourselves that is causing the "Saboteur" to exist...

Can you see how we can get to choose what stays in the Garden of our Minds & why removing a high impact poisonous pest like "Self-Sabotage" is going to get you out of a dangerous mindset? Without really knowing it, we sometimes allow this unreliable "Saboteur" to dictate the false benefits & remove us from the positive things we could experience in our lives?

Is "Self-Sabotage" one of Your weeds?

Well, here's what to do when this little weed pops up!

Call it by it's name & say: "Hey you, little self-sabotager you, when are you going to see that you are doing the best you can with what you have & the negative thoughts are not helping us!?" With this call-out into the light, you can also add a positive confirmation statement like this one to fill the gap of what you just unearthed.

"I am growing at exactly the right pace for what I am understanding at this time & I approve of my progress forward. I thank you for being in line with your highest good today."

So, next time the little saboteur taps you on the shoulder & whispers lies, just flick them off & proclaim your positive confirmation statement right away! We don't have to entertain any negative self-talk about ourselves from our little saboteur; they need to be plucked out roots & all as soon as possible!!

If You need to reference any of these photo's for some of Your creative work,

I give you permission to use them for any practice pieces. Please share some of your Sketchbook Pages or any creative play in the Sketchbook Journal Group.

Join the Discussions here: The Sketchbook Journal

You can also tag me on Instagram. Let's be Instagram Friends @tanyajdewet

In the end, the "self-sabotage" is only a thought in our minds that we keep on repeating. It is part of the little bits of resistance we all sometimes need to face. These silly little weeds do pop up every now & then to disrupt our creative processes & even uproot our beliefs about our selves.

It is a good idea to keep on working on the weeds so we get to overcome them one-by-one. And after you've worked on them for a little while, life can open up for you to allow in more of the good stuff you really want. But while the little weeds are parading in the Garden of Your Mind, there's just no clarity on what to do next or even get yourself to think about what is to come. The stress will have its way in life as long as we neglect the ongoing work of taking care of the weeds in our lives.

If you haven't downloaded my Free Workbook, "Overcoming the Dream Crushing Weeds" yet, then join me in this personal development quest to become our best versions & suss out the things that might be holding your progress in a smothering grip of poisonous attraction.

Until we get to chat again, I'd love to get to know you better.

I feel so lucky to have you here & if I can help you work through those pesky little weeds or when you need more help with something, feel free to reply to this email when you noticed you had a little saboteur wondering in the Garden of Your Mind & tell me all about it.

You can of course always join the discussions in the Sketchbook Journal (our exclusive group far away from social media) where we are all tending to our Wild Beautiful Minds on a regular basis & just share the things we create in our little daily practices with each other.

Much Love

xo Tanya

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Unknown member
Apr 03, 2023

Maybe I am my own saboteur. It's always been that way. Too old, too much learning, too hot today, there is always stuff I use as a excuse to be lazy 🤐

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