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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Replay on Now + the "Wins Tracker" & Goals

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Yes, Our Goals are so misunderstood sometimes & I believe that is why so many of us just give up on them too soon! Let me walk you through a few questions about Goals in last nights Live Call!

It's not often that I share the Live Call Replays with everyone here, but I knew it was going to help the community, that is you my dear Blossoms & Creative Hearts. I have a real fondness for all of you & I'm so happy that I built this community over a period of time. Standing strong now at 231, we are growing, although I want to make sure we stay connected through it all.

Please remember to use the LIVE CALL Section on the Sketchbook Lovers Page to submit your questions before next months Live Call on the 30th (it will be open from the 28th with links to join available the next day).

So, without further chatter, grab a Sketchbook for a few notes, Download the "Wins Tracker" & watch the Replay!

Your Wins aren't just a Fantasy. When you step into your Heart & discover a renewed love for self; new seeds take root & unseen Blossoms come forth."

-Tanya J. de Wet

Download Your Wins Tracker here

This is one of the end of the month (every last Thursday of the Month) Replays that does not have a paint-along at the end. But hang in there, I have a surprise coming up in the near future where we can paint a watercolour project together. But first, track those wins & get really excited about what you've achieved so far.

Never underestimate the power of writing down your Goals & taking small step towards achieving anything in your life.

I'm rooting for you!

Let me know what you loved most about the Live Call & if you want me to make it a permanent feature for the Blog.

PS: I am doing my watercolour classes in Heyfield & another one in Rosedale if you wanted to join me. Go to the Bookings Page

Cant wait to see you there!!!

Much Love

xo Tanya

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