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Joyful Creative Life Blog Articles
Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Seasons Greetings & New Beginnings

As the cycles of life goes, things begin, bloom & blossom, deliver their seeds for the new seasons to come & shape what's next. How aerie is seems that endings appear to be so final when all we have to do is open our minds to the possibilities ahead.

I remember earlier this year when the "this is Maggie Collection" began growing. By the time I caught up with the endless possibilities, there were 77 designs already. So I did what any respecting Artist & Designer would do; I had to choose the best designs, the most appealing one's, the one's that made the most sense to stay. Then I also had to do the abstruse. Being at the crossroads of saying what goes out the door. Not forever, but just not going on the journey with the chosen ones, you know...

After testing, printing & laying out the 77 designs it was time to gather all the courage for discernment. Sometimes we know what to do, yet find that there is some sentimental hindrance keeping us from making those life changing choices. If only we could know what is around the bend of making that altered choice. When we say yes to one thing, it means we say no to all the other options.

Even though there might be something better glistening on the horizon, we tend to stay where we are because we believe we are safe, comfortable & in control of everything.

By the time December comes around, there are many diary entries on the next seasons calendar. Some might say: "What already? Isn't it to soon for that?" Believe me, if I sat in my safe, comfortable place controlling my lifestyle & career from there, I might as well grow roots, stick my talents underground & hide from the world. No, it's never to early to start planning your dreams, living your life, making new diary entries while enjoying the process of discovering who you want to be in this lifetime.

Our Seasons, just like Nature, comes around to show us, remind us that we may never capture the beauty around us if it didn't change. The turning seasons are what guides you to see, because if everything stayed the same it would all go unnoticed, it would fade into the background as we'll be to used to seeing it that way - it must change! The seasons change, we change & life is happening whether or not you are actively participating in it or not.

We recently watched the movie, August Rush & in the intro, Evan Taylor says:

"I believe in music like some people believe in Fairy Tales. What I hear

came from my Mother & Father... once upon a time they fell in love."

The story is one that tugs at your heart strings as much as it find a place in your heart. It highlights one of my all time favourite motivations, to never give up on your dreams, no matter what.

Yes, we have to choose what will stay in our lives to keep on expanding & what will be left behind to fizzle out. Sometimes it is precisely those things that don't fit in anymore being released to make room for what is next. Sadly, it is sometimes work colleagues, stagnant relationships, organisations that do not align with our vision, places we've outstayed or objects getting lost to us. It may seem unfortunate to loose people we once cared about, although it could very likely be a good thing for everyone. We just don't know until we let go. I find myself reminded of the turning seasons to bring in change, things must change. And with all the changes, many thing remain the same & therein is this clear message to never give up on your dreams. Your dreams haven't left you, there is just not enough room left for them to grow. Make room for your dreams & follow your bliss.

Early this year I had one thing in my mind & that was to become a successful Surface Pattern Designer while I kept on living an extraordinary life!

I had no idea how I was going to do that except that I had a timeline & a course. You could say that I was as determined to submerge myself into Immersion as much as I was diving head first into the prospects of a new career & a website of my own.

You guessed it! I had to drop many things, detach from stuff that no longer served me & I had to choose between hours of work or relaxing on the couch for hours. You see, when we want things to change, we have to change first. Adapt, settle into exactly what you want & then keep going until it is done. Things did get a little out of hand by the end as I found myself almost obsessed with what I could create... as the image above shows, 77 designs for one collection is a little extreme.

Luckily for me I have things that could draw away my attention.

- Like a studio muse who loves to call me away for playtime

- A day out in nature to do a Sketch-Walk on a rare sunny day

- Meetings with clients, parties with friends, events out of the office

& those nasty weeds growing out of hand when I don't tend them regularly. Literal weeds in my garden & the little weeds whispering lies in my ears about my worthiness, capabilities & other fables I no longer believed in because of self-reflection & personal growth. Grab your workbook here to see how you can "Overcome those Dream Crushing Weeds" in your mind.

Isn't it wonderful how we fill our lives with glorious passions & responsibilities, all in orchestration of the life you are living.

When looking back, the highlights always stand out for me. The people who supported my wild dreams of creating the Welcome Home Sketchbook Journal, from Conrad who encouraged me every step of the way, your love & support is firmly planted in my heart.

So many wonderful life altering changes & yet I feel over the Moon about all the new activities for next year. The prospecting events like being on the Colour in Your Life Show in the Victoria area. I can't wait to meet new friends & finding the perfect additions, companies & allies to support more of my dreams.

You can take a peak at the Sketchbook Journal & order your's here. I'll have them up with an Art Print Gift until this batch is sold out.

Thanks to those who stayed to help, jumped in to do, added to my life & brought along the many blessings I can now count. Each of you have added to my life in many ways. I truly appreciate you.

Keep in mind that you can participate in the Sketchbook Retreat for free,

& Learn how to Draw Imaginary Blossoms all of these can also be found under the "Programs" tab. Can't wait to see you inside.

Here is My New Years Wish Especially for You

All you need to do is:

Choose your language of preference & RIGHT CLICK to download

Print it out (highest colour option) on lovely white card stock

Folding the card on the edge of the design

Trim off the extra paper

Share them with your friends to wish them a great New Year

English Version

Afrikaanse Weergawe

Andso my friends, there you have it... another beautiful year with you in it. My wish for you is good health & a happy heart.

Love always



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