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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Sketchbook Blossoms Workshop is now available Online

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Looking forward to Creative Connections & Finding it in your Sketchbook is magical.

Allow me to take you on this creative journey as we explore the different ways you can be creative with ever day supplies (even office supplies & kids markers) You have every opportunity to fill your Sketchbook with flowers.

I'll provide the inspiration, the guidelines & real time video footage & you just play. Watch the Introduction & Flip-through of the Sketchbook I completed.

The Sketchbook Blossoms Workshop is a self-paced Workshop where you can learn my easy steps to complete your first Sketchbook & fill it with a variety of imaginary flowers.

We are going to use everyday art supplies from your own stash & I'll guide you through a Sketchbook full of blossom fun. With easy, happy & inspirational steps anyone can try.

You have access to every video for as long as the site is up & running (maybe for the next 50+ years) and you may re-watch every lesson as many times as you want to.

Interpret each page as we go along from backgrounds to lovely blooms, there is absolutely no pressure to create perfect pages. As a matter of fact, I want you to use every page as an experimentation page & get really messy & expressive.

To help you blossom your creativity & develop each flower to look like your version of flowers, each lesson is truly made for you to create with colour, shapes and lines that all come together to show you how simple a pretty page can become. Be inspired & surprised at how easy it is to draw & paint those imaginary flowers you've always wanted to create.

We are going to explore all types of media like kids supplies, markers, watercolour, ink, sharpies, pencils, paint, highlighters, and whatever supply you have available... I don't want to give you all the secrets away now, but I even use shoe polish on one page & a magazine cutout on another. There is enough inspiration without any overwhelm.

This whole Workshop is filled with imaginary Blossoms & yours will be amazing!

And so, when you are ready, you can get right to the first video & follow along the lessons in the Workshop over as many days as you like. By the end, you will have confidence, a creative boost & new skills to fill a Sketchbook with a whole range of colourful Blossoms.

Wondering why you might want to Join the Sketchbook Blossoms Workshop signup page?

- Use your supplies in a new way

- Explore your Sketchbook pages

- Bring your creative mind some needed inspiration

- Discover how easy imaginary blossoms can be

- Relax & just let go a little

- Take some time for yourself

- Escape from the office

I don't have to give you any more reasons to try out my easy approach to creativity or reasons to embrace your Sketchbooks, just click the link below & discover for yourself.

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