The Black Collage Journal

The series, "Collage on black paper" is a class where we learn to do quick collage pages in about 15 minutes a day. You can develop a regular creative practise by making collage pieces as often as you have time for. Besides, anyone can pinch off 15 minutes somewhere in their day to gather a few magazine clippings, ephemera and odd bits to put together in one cohesive piece. All you'll need is some basics like paper, glue, scissors and a few favourite bits of collected ephemera. Ephemera is really just a fancy term used to describe leftovers of something that was wrapped or packaged or gifted. It is meant to exist or are only used and enjoyed for a short period of time. Ephemera may include papers, letters, old boxes, drawings, printed images, cutouts, stickers and chocolate wrappers. Some pieces can even come from collectable items that were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness or popularity like stamp and vintage prints. I tell you, the selection of items that can be named "ephemera" are endless.

It doesn't have to be an elaborate piece filled with expensive finds. You can even collect gift wrapping and catalogues. Some of my favourites to use are Art Gallery brochures. A word of warning if you want to do the same! Every image in the Art Gallery brochures are from original art works and you may not copy, trade or resell any of the images, they belong to the Artists.