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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

The Joys of Gifting

It makes me feel happiest when I can give back to you. And this month has presented a great reason to be extra generous... Mother' s Day is here. Showing my appreciation by adding something extra this time around by gifting not only the free Desktop Wallpaper and the Mobile Phone Wallpaper, but a special shipping discount that can give you a $9 discount on anything in my online store, even the digital products. This means that a Digital (print at home) Art Print of $9.99 will only cost you 0.99c at checkout and if you order any other Art print, your shipping is covered.

Interested? Then use the Code: "SHIPFREE" at checkout on the coupon/discount code section for the discount to take effect. This is the easiest method I could think of to give a discount to all the products I currently have available and to everyone I know on the email list.

I have also mention the discount somewhere in the "Four Watercolour Postcard" video that came out this week. I'll add it here in case you wanted to take a look at how I created these beautiful Rose themed set of Postcards.

I've been so privileged to have an ever growing YouTube community that regularly watch and like my YouTube video's, If you are one of my Subscribers, Thank You so much for all the support. I have many more video's to come for the Meet me in the Studio series, I'll keep you updated every now & then of new video's.

Lastly, I'd like to remind all the creative hearts out there that the idea around gifting something every day towards a random event or just one person can make the biggest impact on another human's life in the most profound way. Be generous & kind to each other, there is room for more love, light and gratitude in every moment so don't let another day go by without being the person you've always hoped to be.

You can download your Desktop & Mobile Wallpapers below. Right click on the images, Save them in a place where you can find them & use them on your devices.

Until next time, be good to each other & happy gifting everyone.

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Unknown member
May 08, 2021

So beautiful, thank you for being a great gift giver

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