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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

The New Sketchbook Journal is coming out soon

The long awaited Sketchbook Journal, Welcome Home is the first Sketchbook Journal to see the light of day. I have so many designs begging to become Cover Girls for the next Sketchbook. But let's redirect our focus to this one for now.

There is only one special person who knows how much I've yearned to have a Collection of Sketchbook Journals proudly standing on my bookshelf, my husband Conrad. He has played the biggest part in being there for me throughout all the countless hours of learning new skills and helping me choose the first Sketchbook Journals cover designs, selecting page layouts, preparing dinner when I'm busy, investing more than time in my projects & often reminding me of the encouraging words I give my students, this time also to myself. I've included these personal quotes (my poetry if I dare be as bold to claim) and have scattered them throughout the Sketchbook Journal to encourage you on your journey through the pages. Showcasing my stunning designs, on a brand new product, never seen before. This is a magnificent and exhilarating feeling AND IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING!

The Sketchbook Journals have Artist designed Covers from the Welcome Home Collection, the pattern I used for this first publication is "Fairy Street", with a cover title design done by myself. The Four beautiful end papers also sprout from the Welcome Home Collection where I used the recoloured version of "Dotty" to begin & end this one with.

An Ex-Libris for your name with an Introduction to the thoughts behind the Sketchbook Journal and a short sentence on who I am.

Inside the Sketchbook Journal you'll find 126 pages of the best paper we could source with the help of the amazing people at INTERTYPE Thank You Ian Bosler for assisting in making the Sketchbook Journal a reality.

From cover to cover I've scattered in Eight Pieces of Encouragement to help you stay motivated throughout the drawing process. These quoted pages are further adorned with some spent Rose branches that I forgot to name, so let's name them "Rose Shadows" for now and lastly my

Final words of wisdom at the end of the book before it's time to buy another one ;)

The Sketchbook Journals have been a long time dream for me as I create in my Sketchbooks every day & I know the value of a place to be creative & think on the page.

I want to share this book with you as you may need a place to become creative in & draw on some of your own hidden talents. Nobody has to ever see your Sketchbook Journal & you surely don't have to draw anything in it!


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