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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

The Perfect Sketchbook Journal

When you know all your dreams can come true because of this one amazing event. Well, the Welcome Home Sketchbook Journal has arrived and she is a one of a kind Sketchbook Journal. I created 'her' to compliment my daily drawing, writing and meditation practices. She is laced with Inspiring quotes to see you through every luxurious & sparkling new page.

A Sketchbook Journal to take with you & infuse creativity in a swoop of your favourite writing or drawing tools at a moments notice. Always eager to receive your creative input while luring you in to fill each cm of soft touch gorgeousness.

Maybe I'm prejudiced about my Sketchbook Journals' abilities & the endless possibilities that can be captured among the crisp white pages, and at the same time hope to keep an empty one as a Collection piece. Who knows, maybe there are drawing enthusiasts out there who love the Romantic Notion of holding onto a First Edition instead of staining the pages with marks or words of their own.

In any event it is my immense pleasure to introduce you to the real life Sketchbook Journals. They are no longer a whispering dream, but a tangible reality... the sheer sight of them as they adorn my Studio table, and every other surface I could spare while they await their delightful new homes are a sign of my love for Sketchbooks.

I'm so happy & grateful now that there is a special place for my quotes to live in & a place where you can create on the pages to your hearts content. Maybe you'd like to join me on SKILLSHARE where I use Dip Pens, Nibs & Ink to play on several pages in the Welcome Home Sketchbook & with no surprise, I'm inking Sunflowers all over the place. They always remind me of my mom... What do Sunflowers remind you of?

Needless to say the next few weeks will revolve around my journey alongside the Welcome Home Sketchbook Journal when I'll also be sharing some ins & outs about it and the reasoning behind a Sketchbook Journal as unique as this one.

And so I'd like to Welcome you Home to a Sacred Place where you can create and grow as Artists, Drawers, Urban Sketchers, Authors, Immersing Future Writers & Sketchbook Lovers alike.

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