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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Three Transformational Methods & the Art of Sketchbook Journaling for Self-Mastery & Joy

"The weeds we nurture are the ones that grow & once you notice what you don't want anymore, you get to choose what you want to grow instead!"

- Tanya J. de Wet

Hoping for a way to escape your life is like dreaming of some distant dream to come true. And the thing you may be forgetting is that wherever that dream leads you, you will be right there with it, weeds & all!

This means you need to accept where you are right now & also be aware of who you are in every moment. It could be that you are looking for an escape when what you need to do is to find a way to work with you have. In essence you’ll be better at life & even find yourself in love with your life if you figure out what it is you want from it in every season.

Your purpose is the most exciting thing you could ever pursue but I think people forget that it all starts with today! In the present moment we call today you’ll discover the most exciting part of every day. And when we start to draw on our everyday experiences, life around us begin to look beautiful in a different way. It is this self-realization that neatly package up the things we treasure about creating the life we want. A joyous life is art in itself!

To engage in the life you dream of, you need to rid yourself of the elements you dislike so much.

It all starts with the weeds inside your mind. Those thoughts, concepts & personality traits that revolves around your judgements, it is revealed in the list of dislikes you have, it is also built around your greatest desires & of course your fears.

In essence you’ll be better at life & even find yourself in love with your life if you figure out what it is you need to set you alight... What will make your days happier & bring you closer to your purpose. If this journey doesn’t seem exciting to pursue, then you might need something you could pursue. I’ve found over the many years I’ve studied human behaviour that people forget about the alone times they could have to connect to themselves.

Make a promise to yourself that it all starts with what you choose to do today! In todays present moment you’ll discover the most exciting part of every day – You woke up for a reason!

To get you started, I'll share three ways to help you along the journey. If you are not part of the Self-Mastery for Creatives Membership yet & still want some transformation, then our Workbook with the newest "30-Day Self-Mastery Journaling Prompt Ideas Leading to Transformation" is ready for you to download today! Download it >>> HERE

Before we look at the three methods, let's dive into a quick video about discovering the weeds in the gardens of our minds...

The First Method is to Discover the Beauty in the Everyday

By capturing something in your Sketchbook, or Journaling about your daily experiences, you start to see the world through a lens of creativity while finding ways to appreciate what you have. This practice transforms ordinary moments into opportunities for emotional expression that in turn allows you to find beauty in the simple, ordinary things around us.

Why does this first method work?

As you draw from what life has to offer, write about the things you are grateful for. With it you begin to see life in a new way, your deeper connections to yourself, your surroundings & experiences begin to cultivate a sense of joy you can tap into when life becomes harder than it needs to be. It is this shift in perspective that not only enhances your gifts, skills & abilities but also enriches your overall quality of life, making every day feel more vibrant, meaningful & memorable!

Secondly Embrace Self-Discovery & Personal Growth

Sketchbook Journaling provides itself as a powerful tool for self-reflection that leads to self-discovery. It is the perfect vessel for personal growth as you explore your thoughts, judgments, dislikes, likes, fears & emotions on the pages. As you gain deeper insights into your true desires it opens a space in your mind for your fears to dissipate. This process helps you to identify, work through & release negative patterns which makes for a positive change, maybe to see where you need to make the changes you’ve been looking for.

Why does this second method work?

Colours, shapes, writing & creative illustration assists you on your journey allows you to visualize your goals, aspirations & the things you desire most. You could literally create a roadmap for the life you want to live. Through this practice, you become more aware of your inner world, the reasoning within & through it you’ll be able to foster a stronger sense of self while you master your life with more empowerment.

The Third Way is to Create the Life You Dream Of

To manifest the life you desire, it's essential to let go of what no longer serves you. And as easy as it may seem, Sketchbook Journaling is one of the most powerful tools there is to enable you to actively engage in this transformative process.

In the process of documenting your dislikes, stating your preferences & envisioning your dreams, you get to clarify your intentions. With these intentions you are enabled to take actionable steps toward your goals & find a way to remove obstacles.

Why does this third method work?

This creative practice empowers you to Co-create your reality, aligning you with your daily actions while deepening that connection with your deepest aspirations. As you fill your pages with hopes, plans, and illustrations, you build a life that reflects your true essence, turning your dreams into a joyous and fulfilling reality.

There simply is no way you can remain a pawn in the game of life if you can run your thoughts & emotional dramas through the pages of a Sketchbook Journal. It unlocks hidden truths that will set you free & give you back the joy you are looking for.

We have a Special "Elevate Your Whole Human Wellness Offer for You to become part of our beautiful Self-Mastery for Creatives Membership. Read all about it >>> HERE or Join us Today

Remember that the 21-Day Mindful Sketchbook Practices are included in the Self-Mastery membership. To find out more about it Go HERE

Now, before you become scared of the process of creating anything, keep in mind that you can also use collage, mark-making, digital skills & all kinds of analogue crafts to help you connect to the Right-brain hemisphere of your mind... For me a quick watercolour session is all it takes to elaborate on ideas & make a feeling rise up or get it to dissipate. So, it doesn’t really matter what you prefer to use as long as you create an opportunity for yourself to lean into simple experimentations. And remember, we are not looking to create fine art here, we are exploring emotions, feelings & thoughts. These are fleeting at the best of times, but you can capture them in a moment on a blank page with a blob of colour; whatever that colour represents in that moment. It's only data from within...

It will be good to know that within any physical form of data collection, such as a Sketchbook, a Journal or even a Diary, you will get to show yourself how to take events from your life & turn them around. It will be these things that become the kinds of memories & ways to express yourself that elevates you into being able to integrate intentions, new words of wisdom & to illustrate to your subconscious mind a more complete outline of that new story you really want. It is a journey to where you are going in life, not a competition to see who paints or writes the best!

I hope you are as excited to start using the methods above so that they can help you to complete the new story you are wishing to tell. Let your voice be heard in a brand new, somewhat different way. And if you feel drawn to participate in all the Self-Mastery offerings, we have you covered with everything you need to know Learn more >>> HERE

It may be that you’ve never thought of building something for yourself, then now becomes the ideal time to build a life filled with pleasurable things as part of the bigger picture. What I’ve noticed is that the most satisfying part of partaking in a regular Sketchbook Journaling practice is like taking care of needs I’ve forgotten I had. Almost as if the guidance you are looking for becomes available in a way far from what you thought.

To be able to unlock methods to help you live a happier life ‘moves’ your thoughts into a personal journey of balance far away from burnout & closer to the connection you've always wanted.

Our senses play a pivotal role in life’s experiences as we awaken in the memories of the sights, sounds, smells, tastes & the tangible. Capturing those memories could be your way to experience, translate, transmute & alter the thigs so they make more sense to you. As each page carries meaningful pieces of wisdom to help you engage in breakthroughs.

As you partake in quick practise you experience what it’s like to connect with yourself to helps you begin the healing processes. It will reveal so much about what’s in your heart while you embrace the value this practice adds to your life. In it the purpose of finding joy, beauty, wonder & pleasure from life to do this thing & win at the game for once!

You won’t need to wonder about your feelings or the distant past either as each new page could have many journeys rolled into one new beautiful outcome. This new story… Your story will be felt through the lens of your heart & experienced through your altered perspective.

It’s a journey you’ll take with resources, monthly themes & support - it helps you, guides you & shapes an easier way to love your life & become better.

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