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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Turn a boring Monday into a Fun-day!

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

You don't even have to wait until Monday to get going, why not jump into the Free stuff right away! With so many free hours available... why not make it fun & do something in your Sketchbooks with these Free Classes & Resources...

There's something you could say YES to & I'm counting the days until Your Journey begins! Maybe reading next weeks Blog Article can paint a picture for You as we progress to the open doors of my Self-Mastery Membership. I'm super excited for the next couple of weeks as I update the links & invite You to come along & join me.

Just so you know, the Sign Up are open all year, although the doors open to the public only twice a year & these times are in April & October.

Do you want to know what else I created from the knowledge I gained through the Secrets to Success Workshop?

A Plan of Action

...that lead to my own breakthrough success as an Art Therapist & the reason why I feel confident in offering my Self-Mastery Membership to You

Weird right?

Not so much!

Why? Because the information isn't just for artists or creatives.

Last year we had a few high school graduates who took on the challenge of figuring out who they wanted to become & their Journey became clear during the first couple of months inside the membership.

I have a teacher who leveraged her class presentations by sharing it online & now she has the confidence to share what she knows after doubting her abilities.

There were two Mom's, both on maternity leave who found a way to be productive & present with their family while applying a step or two to be totally happy with becoming new Mommies... All four of them are happier than ever.

...And my favourite was a lady in her late 50's who lost her corporate job & how she found that she loved sewing.

But sadly I've heard it over & over again... the biggest obstacle is knowing how to figure out what You want with limited knowledge about how to be in Love with Your Life...

So, there are no more excuses, you also don't have to be tech savvy or have special programs, just listen to the video lessons, print out the workbooks or bring your Sketchbooks to take notes next week in the Workshop when I launch the Free "Start Here" Series for non-members. I made the Welcome Home Journal Quotes accessible to everyone & you can watch the lessons in you own time. FIND IT HERE:

Stop procrastinating & making excuses... Your Life is passing by, the months go by & the days are filled with potential that You could be using to Your advantage. You might as well do something else next week by Join me for the Free Workshop called Start Here & learn a little something about why I created the Sketchbook Journal & why the Self-Mastery Membership Exists!

Don't worry, there's no catches, you only have to stay for the video although I am sharing the link for the Sketchbook Journal in the last lesson or somewhere in the workshop just to make sure You can find it later!

Want to invite a fiend, share this Blog Article or this link with them:

Want some Sunflowers!

I mean, who doesn't love Sunflowers?

My approach to inking with a Dip Pen & Ink is a little 'un-traditional' simply because I wanted you to enjoy the playful side of Dip Pen Inking & give you a place to embrace those accidental blobs of ink.

Do your own thing & follow along on the Workbook by downloading it here:

Dip Pen Inking_Sunflowers Resource Workbook
Download • 10.15MB

Or take the Entire Skillshare Class here: or Click on the Button

Not a Skillshare member yet? No worries, sign up with my complimentary 30 day free pass

Playing & experimenting in a workbook to add more practice time for the new found skills is my additional bonus especially for you. You can print out the workbook as many times as you need if you don't have a Sketchbook to work in. By practising on the printout, you'll have many opportunities to play with the ink & learn to draw Sunflowers along the way. You never have to mess up your Sketchbook pages with practice pieces until you are ready to do some Dip Pen Inking in there, unless you are like me & use your Sketchbooks for all your drawing & painting practices.

Now, I haven't put any of these drawings on my Wallpaper designs or the fabrics, but I would love to know what you think? Can you see these on some of your favourite surfaces? Did you know, the process of digitising art & putting it on stuff like I do with stationary for our membership, the creation of the Workbooks, the templates, wallpaper & fabric is called Surface Pattern Design...

With this in mind, the next workshop I wanted to suggest to you is from my Mentor, Bonnie Christine. Last year she scattered our seed paper name tags in her garden beds & sent me this image to show how much we've grown...

So, Bonnie is doing the Immersion Course with us again this year...

Immersion is like a Gift box filled with all her secrets! WHAT IS THIS MAGIC THING BONNIE IS SHARING? READ MORE HERE...

Now, if you are not at all interested in designing your own fabric...Keep a look out for me online, I'll be there wearing my new hat!

Check out the watercolour paint along with the

Until next week...

Much Love

xo Tanya

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Jul 29, 2023

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