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Joyful Creative Life Blog Articles
Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Want to see how I Put Some Creatively Colourful things in my Life?

If the rainbow of colours could describe me in just one colour, it would recognisably be a soft pink. I have no idea when my affinity for rosy pinks started, although I have seen the colour evolve in my life much the same way as my Career has.

An official Press Release may clarify your suspicions as I'm officially going to be on the Colour in Your Life TV Show. Filming in Victoria begins early in February 2022

Along this beautiful journey to have my own documentary filmed by the world renowned CIYL Team has also afforded me some brand new friendships. I'd like to personally thank Josh who further helped to move my dreams into reality by allowing us to film on the very site where my dream career began.

To find out more about "Mansi on Raymond", visit their website to feast your eyes on the gorgeous Apartments. It was a delight to stay there & become part of Sale in such a caring environment. The staff, Gardeners & Management are great at making you feel at home.

Staying at Mansi on Raymond begins with a visit to their Website & a Call

Call (03) 5144 4923 476 Raymond St, Sale VIC 3850


At that very desk next to the Rose Courtyard, I plotted & planned my new Career & began by drawing those broken Agapanthus blooms because I had no way of knowing how I was going to do this! So, in true "Tanya" fashion, I began planning & day dreamed about everything I wanted to accopmlish!

The clever mention of Pattern meets Colour, is just another way I get to add some colourful things in my life. From the colourful drawings in my Sketchbooks to the Surface Pattern Designs I created for my Portfolio, one thing remains clear... COLOUR IS KIND OF MY THING!!!! Yes, I know that not everyone is a rosy pink fan, but I sure am & by embracing the things I love, my passion to become a Surface Pattern Designer comes into full Bloom. I truly believe that we are better off being authentically ourselves & then allowing the right things flow into our lives effortlessly!

I promise that I actually love all colours & you'll enjoy my customised colour palettes very much. Over the past 2 years I've taken on the great task of re-imagining my career & became a Surface Pattern Designer. In all honesty, my journey was made so much easier because of the Immersion Course. I'm now a very proud Immersion 2021 Alumni & continue to learn from the very talented Bonnie Christine in the Flourish Membership.

As my story began with a few broken Agapanthus Flowers that lay scattered on the driveway, I also know the beautiful journey I've been on is still unfolding.

Today I can give you some background on the Colour in your Life TV Show & how Graeme's Vision came about. In a nutshell, he is an Artist looking out for the future of Art by showcasing the very talents & variety of techniques in the 22 Seasons of Artist documentaries for the world to see... & now also to be sent to the Moon... Believe it or not!

Graeme Stevenson chats to ABC Radio Brisbane today about the incredible story of Colour In Your Life going to the moon in 2023! The Art TV Show, "Put Some Colour in Your Life", received the exciting news that all 22 Seasons of their Art documentaries will be included in the Lunar Codex or “the Museum on the Moon”, rocketed via the Astrobotic Griffin / NASA VIPER / SpaceX mission headed to the Lunar South Pole due to land in 2023.

But there is no-one better to explain this magical experience than the man himself!


CIYL TV Show to the moon with SpaceX, Lunar Codex and NASA

Listen, if you are anything like me & feel fascinated by the Moon, then you can take a listen to the Scientific facts about this whole Mission. Graeme speaks to Samuel Peralta about the technical stuff. Take a look at the interview over on the CIYL YouTube Channel

If you are an Artist interested in Skyrocketing your business with an Audience of Millions, then Apply now for the Victorian Call. Since November we've been reaching out to Artists & now is your chance to be seen by the world.

To Book Your Artist Documentary & For more information, please contact Natascha Wernick at (+61) 0412 980 063

Nearly 300 episodes have now been produced by the team at Colour in your Life.

The TV show is viewed by audiences of over 100 million through online streaming apps such as YouTube and aired on TV networks on over 50 countries.

The TV show features Artists in their studio's showing the audience how to use their techniques & how they paint.

I'll be showing you my entire process, from Sketchbook to Fabric & all the drawing, colour discovery & painting I do during my processes to bring forth the Art captured in my Surface Pattern Designs. By creating a beautiful life worth living, my journey showcases how much our dreams & passions can become part of a life with purpose.

Stay Well my friends,

I'll catch up with you soon to share more about my Creative Connection & how you can make your dreams a reality.

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