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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

We Both get an Upgrade

As a Skillshare teacher it's always been great to offer you a Premium Membership & now I've also been Upgraded as a teacher and that is excellent news!

It means I can now offer you a new Upgrade to a full month, that is a whopping 30 days for Free to any & every class & subject available on Skillshare,

plus as many classes as you can fit into the month even if you watch back to back videos for 30 days, no limits!

Let me show you what to expect on the signup page & what Skillshare is all about

As soon as you open the link, you'll see an Invite from me where you can Sign Up To Start Learning. Join the beautiful interactive community and abundance of classes available to you on a very easy to navigate platform.

Many science based studies have shown the creative nature of learning a new skill has proven to increase our mental growth, change our cognitive abilities, boosted brain power, aided with inner healing & improved self discovery while building our SKILLS.

On the Skillshare platform, I want to inspire you to take a fresh look at your creativity & be excited by each class & interact with the loving students, add your projects and participate in each section of the classes. Heck, you can even learn Japanese before you next trip!

I've found the inter-activeness of a community based learning platform ensures kindness and care amongst students while giving you direct access to the teachers as well as the comfort of staying safely at home

Besides the classes I'm teaching, there are so many to choose from. In the previous Blog Post I shared Lucy Lambriex's class on overcoming Camera Shyness, and here are some of the classes I've taken this year. Look out for my projects in the class project sections.

by teacher Emily Paluska, Botanical Paper Artist

by teacher Rosa Rugosa, Not Your Typical Florist

by teacher Geraldine Lavin, Herbalist & Farmer

Here is a class for my iPad friends & because Liz is such a high ranking teacher on Skillshare, you get a TWO Month PREMIUM Subscription with this link

Combining Lettering and Illustration by Liz Kohler Brown, artist-designer-teacher-author

And the best part is, you can take any class you want across the entire Skillshare platform with the bite sized lesson plans and Skillshare's excellent class resuming interface, easy "save the class" option and the simplest "create a project" section you'll ever come across.

Who wouldn't love to join an amazing & truly revolutionary group of teachers & creative people on Skillshare & build on some wonderfully easy skills at the same time.

Join in the creativity by checking out my newest class.

There's enough time in every day to learn something new, it's just a matter of priority

What are you making time for?

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