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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Welcome Home to the Sketchbook Journal

For this First Edition, “Welcome Home” our expectations were exceeded. Having a Sketchbook Journal like this one is going to open up your creative channels and help your creativity to pour out onto the pages.

Remember, the creativity you "push out" will reflect in the work you'll be creating over a period of time. Therein is the importance of keeping up a Sketchbook Journal. As the content of each Sketchbook & Journal is the direct proof of your progress. Comparing an older version of work you’ve done, even from the front of each Sketchbook, will reflect your creative growth.

Taking on a Sketchbook Practice can sometimes be daunting; I know and that is why I created 8 quotes to guide you through the Sketchbook as you build your skills.

Keeping a Sketchbook is a very personal journey, one with many moments of pure brilliance laced with increments of doubt and unsolicited self-critique holding us back from moving forward in our Sketchbooks. Especially if there are only blank pages to use as reference. The graceful journey towards your creative flow is one of countless lines, words 7 colours brought on by discovery & Art Mastery. Your Sketchbook is your Sacred place where your ideas & memories can live forever with the added bonus of being there when you need a creative outlet. When we accept our constant learning curves & growing from our actual practice of the things we want to Master, then learning a new method or receiving insights about a subject seems minuscule in comparison to what knowledge you’ve gained during each completed page.

Want to see a video with a quick flip through?

My aim with the Welcome Home Sketchbook Journal is to help you find your Creative voice among the pages. You see, this is a very special Sketchbook Journal you can create anything in! Your imagination may take you to fantasy scenes or maybe you have something to say and quickly jot it down in a corner of a page, who knows what creativity means to each of us… In this Sketchbook Journal, you’ll never feel alone or lost as I will be among the pages to gently guide you with my Creative Connection Quotes scattered throughout the Sketchbook. There's ample room for you to fill the in-between pages with your own revelations and epiphanies. You'll be on a creative roll in no time while making memorable drawings, writing paragraphs and making notations of your own inner mastermind. Most of all, every line, letter & mark will help you grow your creative voice and style. The Welcome Home Sketchbook Journal will be keeping all your memories safe inside until you are ready to show them or take them further.

The Welcome Home Sketchbook Journal is the First Edition I intended to publish purely for your creative pleasures. The Sketchbook Journals have my “Fairy Street” design in a recoloured version on the cover & inside page with the quoted pages surrounded by another design named “Rose Shadows” in a Vintage Cerulean Blue. Designing the Welcome Home Sketchbook Journal has been the highlight of my year so far, but seeing it out in the real world is even better.

Let me tell you how it came about:

Every time I opened a new Sketchbook, I would flip through it as if I was looking for something. I wasn’t interested in reading or seeing anything specific, but it felt so empty. Having an empty Sketchbook always excites and scares me at the same time. You can tell I LOVE Sketchbooks because I capitalise the word ‘Sketchbook’ every time I write about one. Anyway, this is the part where I came up with a self-help strategy to prompt myself to take each Sketchbook I started & give myself some motivational insights. They weren’t related to any topic in general although I sometime just wrote something like: “Count to 5 and draw!” It seemed to help because the next time I picked up my Sketchbook, there it was, luring me in. It started out with one Sketchbook just to tickle my interest & act as a piece of personal motivation to grab it and draw something after a quick flip through the pages. The whole concept inspired me to come up with a Sketchbook that had enough places to capture words of wisdom without taking away any room in the rest of the Sketchbook. So, this time, when I’d open a new Sketchbook, I didn’t have to imagine someone ‘speaking’ to me with encouraging words… those words were written on selected pages throughout the Sketchbook & I could discover them while pursuing my drawing skills, just like you will when you receive yours. And sometimes I used the quotes as prompts for the next idea or simply allowed the words to mingle with current things I was dealing with.

The quotes act as motivational rewards you can reach throughout the Sketchbook & they can give you a new reason to pick up your Sketchbook every day to draw, write and grow your personal style and to just have something creative to look forward to. I know the value of a voice to guide me & that is why this Sketchbook Journal was brought to life! To give you the same place to be creative & feel encouraged throughout the journey to become your creative self.

I want to share this book with you as you may need a place to become creative in & draw on some of your own hidden talents, maybe write your story or tinker on plans to build something great, just like Leonardo da Vinci did in his Sketchbook Journals. Who knows what you may create, or plan out on your pages, it might be your big idea that comes to life effortlessly, or even figuring out who you want to be.

Alternatively, nobody has to ever see your Sketchbook Journal & you surely don't have to draw anything in it either! YOU CAN SIMPLY BE A COLLECTOR OF BEAUTIFUL THINGS, OF WHICH THIS ONE IS JUST THE BEGINNING! MAY YOU HAVE ENDLESS HOURS OF CREATIVE FUN AMONG THE QUOTES & BECKONING PAGES



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