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Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

What I did in the beginning...

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

A dream of having my Creative Career that meant something more that mere paintings on a wall or sketches in a Sketchbook. I wanted it to evolved into a Creative Career of epic proportions.

Was it in any way the easiest thing to do? I had to work hard, steadily & with a plan of action but it came together in under a year. Yes you heard that correctly, in under a year!!!!

Did I have a plan? YOU BET!!!

I knew exactly what I wanted & every goal became a reality because my formula gave me the perfect recipe for success & I've only ever implemented it to reach all my income dreams. There has never been a course out there that taught me this strategy... it's almost like the teachers out there have a bit of fear that other's will be more successful that them & keep some aspect of their success a secret or worst still, they omit the real secrets to keep you stuck.

All I can say, is my success has always come from implementing my steps one by one, And when I feel a little busy at times, all I do is fine tune the steps & customise things & when I have more time, I turn them up a little more...

The easy part was I had every step laid out in a clear way but my head got in the way & I felt too afraid to follow through.

And I accomplished this very big goal of mine to prove top myself that I cannot allow my head to jump ship before we've sailed a while.

You may have felt inclined to lean towards doing something as brave as monetising your Art or Creative Hobbies. As you know, we all have ideas that could become little gold mines if only we knew what to do... Okay, I hear you & right now we will have to banish all the “starving artist” myths because sometimes our fear just takes us to the next step, not all the way. It's like reaching a comfort zone that keeps us happy for a while but doesn't move us forward towards the wealth we really want.

Watch the Free Presentation to discover some of these amazing things that will get your head in the game, your hands doing the things you need to do & your heart in alignment with what you want most...

There are three breakthroughs I share on how to create income + add multiple streams of revenue with the things you may have never seen demonstrated before.

JOIN THE Free Presentation & Invite link HERE:

If you are a victim of “the starving artist mindset” I'm happy to let you know from today onwards, you are going somewhere with your Creative Career & it’s because are taking action on your dreams. You are finally pressing play on the button of your success.

Let those beautiful creative works shine just as they are making your heart beat. They are beautiful & your creative business, though be it small, is still something worth creating! Believe in it & it will give you the rewards you with reached targets, easy goals & quick action steps… even if it is only you... your one person show needs to be prosperous & abundant because you put your heart into it! Let's exercise those creative brain muscles to become wildly successful + Connect with the audiences who are interested in your work.

Okay, I know you want solutions or shall we say "Soulutions"

We need to nurture our Creative Careers on multiple levels. The reason is simply this: We cannot just have one idea as Creatives! The question is this: "How do we put the puzzle pieces together?"

Answer: "We need multiple plans that form one perfected outcome."

I’m not talking about having a plan B in case this one fails. No, it’s about having several plans that come together in perfect harmony. Look at it from this perspective; If I only ever sold one Surface Pattern Design on one wallpaper, I would only have one opportunity to make that work.

From beautiful fabric designs, wallpaper & book covers to cards & furniture. You can use your designs to make other things look pretty or build a unique website that matches your style!

Can I ask you this: “Have you written down a dream goal yet? Well, I also neglected that part for a long time & when I finally did, the plans began to come together. Plus, I not only proved this to myself. But the second I uploaded my feedback form to Bonnie & the team, I knew how much anyone can achieve.

Truth be told, I could have worked more & a little harder but it would have taken the joy right out of me. It is so amazing that we can be creative & have fun while building a multi figured income. It is absolutely possible!

-In House Designer (working on my Studio Wallpaper was an amazing project & I’d like to do that again, it was so much fun & everyone in the industry loves their work!)

- Being filmed by the Colour in Your Life Team (I’ve written about it all over socials, I’m sure you’ll find it somewhere & I promise to reveal the video link once it airs internationally)

-Client Based Services (this is more personal & I share all my secrets with my community)

-Product Creation (like my Self-Published several books already)

-Selling products & Art Through a POD (Print on Demand) Site

like SPOONFLOWER for fabric & wallpaper along with privately manufactured wallpaper designs & bespoke elements for the home wares industry.

-Designing Peel & Stick Wallpaper & Ordering my own Fabric Designs with a Storefront Website & your own branding was a high-point last year & still produces regular income (All are under my ANDSODESIGNS.COM branding… too easy!)

-Skillshare Teacher (This became a creative outlet besides my passion for designing Surface Patterns)

& The same goes for my YouTube Channel (They are additional Creative Outlets where I get to share my Creative Journey & help others who need a push in the right direction)

With many more options out there, I wanted to bring you back to sharing the 5 things I wholeheartedly believe every artist must have in order to be successful in any industry.

As an Artist, Creative, Illustrator & newbie, you need:

1. Clarity on your goals and how to get there.

2. Consistency in doing the work in order to make progress.

3. Courage to take the leap of faith and do vulnerable things.

4. Confidence in your skills and ability to put your work out there.

5. Community, support & encouragement.

I really love how every aspect propelled my Creative Career forward in a big way. So, once you have all of these, you’re going to be golden!

For those of you who registered, please know that I am extremely proud of you for taking this step & because you are part of team Tanya J. de Wet. I’ll keep an eye out for you in the comments & follow you online so that we can connect.

WHAT we as a community can DO NEXT:


The best progress and deepest clarity are always made when two people come together. You'll brainstorm, set goals and share ideas.

Think of a friend right now who would enjoy this, then send them the link below, so they can join & do it with you.


I want to support you in your work & know how important it is to have a buddy to help out when days get tough, so, share a few words with me in an email because I want to cheer you on in any way you need. As you begin sketching, designing & creating patterns there will be so much love for you here too & I can't wait to see what you create!

Much Love

xo Tanya J. de Wet

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