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Joyful Creative Life Blog Articles
Written & Illustrated by: Tanya J. de Wet

Working on Mastering your own life yet?

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Maybe we don't have to wait for some calamity or life changing date to arrive before we do something about our own lives...

I've been kind of quiet with interactions these days as I'm revising what I'd like to share in regards to valuable contents.

Admittedly, I might have gone off on a "planning" spree, but I like to think about things ahead of time. We need structures to succeed in life... don't you think so too?

This brings me to showing you what I've planned out for the Self-Mastering Section. I want to remind you what we are doing inside for the upcoming months.

We are becoming the Masters of our lives & learning to be great at living a joyful life

This is also why I've decided to do a few upgrades, starting with the name:


All things worth while take time & in the next Nine Months, sprouts our own incubation process into the birth of a new version of you. I'll take you along this journey of re-investing time to build you up from a place of Self-Mastery. It isn't a "new-new" beginning where we begin from nothing... OH NO my dear Creative Hearts, it is the re-imagining of superb progress that will nudge you forward in leaps & bounds!

You absolutely have the ability to become powerful beyond measure while doing exactly what you love to do. Self-Mastery isn't only about you, it's about the benefits your life has on the people you care about. The impact you can have on your loved ones starts where you are with what you have!

Can you imagine what your life can look like if you are in control of your ideas?

Can you bring yourself into a state of abundance,

fully motivated to move forward?

Well, this is why I wanted to help you on your Self-Mastery journey. It begins Today!

This is what a Re-imagined Life can look like:

A Rejuvenate Mind Body & Soul

A Reclaimed Path Unique to You

A Revival of Your Ideal/Dream Life

A Rekindled Fire to Pursue Your Passions

A Revisit to some of the most Important Abandoned Tasks

A Method to Regain Motivation

What about a Reconnecting with Yourself?

And how about a Re-birthing with the "New You"

The beauty of Self-Mastery is that you'll carve out a path that is perfect for you. Every step of the way can add to your journey, but the real proof happens when you take on the tasks I'll share with you & build it yourself!

Don't worry, I will share the basics here with everyone, but the meat of each months sessions/lessons will involve a Membership & it is called The "Self-Mastery Membership"

With each Month as a Member, you'll receive the themed Postcard with my Artworks to form the complete set of nine. I'm finalising them as we speak. Creating the complete set feels super exciting & I can't wait to send them out to you over the next nine months!!!!!

You may remember the old format of the Membership with the "make a wish" artwork... So this is another thing that is changing, as you've probably seen in yesterday's email.

Old version of the monthly membership themes
January 2022

As a Member you'll receive the Monthly Themed contents, the videos lessons, all the downloads, references, book recommendations, short talks on wonderful subjects & PDF workbooks along with all the listed contents & my full support for as long as you remain with the Membership.

This includes the entire library from the day I started the "Sketchbook Lovers Membership" you now know as the Self-Mastery Membership!

In case you're new here & may have never seen what the Monthly Schedules look like: On the left is what January 2022's one looked like. Every week has a video lesson around the month's theme & weekly tasks you can complete to stay on track. It doesn't matter when you join in, all the contents will be available the moment you sign in.

I'll be active in the private group where we can chat about anything. You'll be able to connect with like-minded people & make wonderful new friends along the way. We'll also get together on a Thursday night @6:30 pm AEST (Melbourne) for about 30 minutes in a Live Zoom Call where we can discuss questions that came in or that I receive via email.

Please note that all the Creative Career's contents (January - July 2022) now live separately in the Creative Conscious Business Mind Course. I'll share more on this at some point as I regularly invite the Self-Mastery Members to take the Creative Conscious Business Mind Course.

I've Put together the Creative Conscious Business Mind with over 26 years of experience in running three businesses & pivoting a life changing career move over continents! Taking my creativity into a thriving multi faceted entrepreneurship that rewards me with much more to love & cherish than I ever thought possible.

Believe me, I'm elevating my own mind right now. Adding to my knowledge to continue the journey forward so that I can lift you up as you reach forward into your Self-Mastery journey.

I can't wait to see you grow into a beautiful Creative Entrepreneur!

Reaching this level of Self-Mastery has taken many years of dedication to the craft of becoming what I desired most. Having the knowledge & wisdom accumulated from what I've learned over the years gives me the knowing that I can guide you to excellence too.

I aim to make the contents here on the Andsodesigns website accessible to you with a wide range of interests. It doesn't matter if you have an established small business, if you are new to the idea of having a creative career or need to master yourself first; there are contents from each Blog Article & Email Campaign that can guide you to the contents you may feel drawn to.

When you are ready, the Self-Mastery Membership will be open to you

Once you're logged in, there are exclusive access to certain pages with full access to all the Blog Articles & free downloads within each Blog. You'll also be notified of specials, events, retreats & the handmade Sketchbooks as they become available.

Andsodesigns the website, will continue to showcase my Wallpaper & Fabric. I am still open to collaborations & licensing partnerships, but the Self-Mastery Membership is becoming my day to day focus with attention towards you, my community.

So, let's get back to today's topic:

--Are you working on "Mastering" your own life yet?--

Let me put it to you like this:

- If you've reached a point where anything in your life feel like a burden...

- If you find yourself over critical over others...

- If are stuck in a rut...

- If you have too many unfinished projects...

- If you feel close to tears over feelings of overwhelm... my goodness me, then you've found a place where none of us wants to be in.

This list could go on & on forever... the bottom line is that there must come a time when you stop what you are doing long enough to spot a problem rising & take the necessary actions to rectify the situation.

You might just be stuck in a mindless trap where you've lost sight of your needs. From the moment we wake up in the mornings, we are pulled in every direction by all the things that call out for our attention. All these things are causing the situations in the first place. We need to take a step back. Take a good look at what's wrong in your lives & then make time to figure things out.

Much like an artist develops their style during times of solitude, just the same way, you too can develop your lifestyle through introspection!

It is not a Romanticised notion to want a wonderful life worth living, it is a fundamental human need. At some point you knew what you wanted, you knew what your purpose was & you had it in you to go for it with every part of your being! What happened to that person? Where did you loose sight of your needs & the purpose you wanted to achieve in this life?

I would like to leave you with this thought today...

If you could do something that made you happy enough to want to wake up every day, what would that something be?

What could make you super proud of the life you are living? And are you willing to take a break from the stuff that is not working, to nurture a new life to love?

These are not easy questions, but they can be life-changing.

You need to make a plan to get out of situations where your joy is being drained to make room for the stuff you love. The life you want to live is only one choice away & to make the best of where you are right now with what you have at this very moment is also just one step further than where you are now.

It takes some guts to do what we want to do & only when we become the artists of our own lives, do we get to see the results of what we've created.

Yes my dear creatives, it is time to live a life with purpose & rewrite your story one chapter at a time. Don't wait for the next life threatening event or marker to push you over the edge. Your living legacy awaits in the life you are living now & no-one else can live it for you either.

Please take this opportunity to reply to this email right now & ask me anything... Or if you have a beautiful dream, share it with me.

Sometimes we just need to tell someone what our hearts desire are!!!

I would like to be that person for you today!

Wanted to know more about what we get up to inside the Membership?

That's all for now...

Much Love

xo Tanya

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